Troubles with Tales from the Borderlands Rewards

Hi, Im having troubles trying to redeem the rewards from TftB into Handsome Collection, i own both games in physical format for PS4.
I was able to redeem the rewards once but I made a new SHiFT account and deleted all my saves from both games to start from scratch and now Im unable to redeem those rewards again.
Is it a one time deal per physical copy/digital season pass deal? (kinda like a printed bonus psn code?
Tales from the Borderlands didnt even asked me to link my SHiFT account, so I guess it was all automated.

The rewards are redeem once only, to the best of my knowledge.

That looks like it’s purchasing the season pass that makes the rewards available, rather than playing the game.

I figured, its terrible that they dont warn you, you could just pop up the reward in another account and get screwed. I wonder if its tied to telltale account wich is imposible to unlink. I know for fact that its not tied to psn account becaude intried it already.
Maybe buying the season pass from the psn store will give me another set of skins.