Troubleshooter vc weapon

So I claimed my first troubleshooter instead of a shlooter shield and I’m thinking the gun is not so hot?

Playing at lvl 72, Mayhem 11.

I might be missing something?

Edit: Think I’m just spoiled by the plasma coil. It is fun seeing the correct element come out of the gun and it does kill loaders, just more slowly than I got used to.

Edit2: It is fun, just can’t compare to the effectiveness of a plasma coil.

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I watched some vids on it.

Consensus was……fun, but not top tier….at all.

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There’s a version called the Overclocked Troubleshooter which consumes ammo half as fast while still having decent stats.


It’s amazing for Arms Race. I’ve never played the mode more.

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I can see it making arms race a lot less boring :rofl:

No RNG and a gun that does every type where needed :muscle:

I liked the start from scratch in AR… But got boring really fast (you can just do it in normal mode and have more fun doing it)

And farming the weapons… Well on top of what i said above… Run the same chest over and over (often with gear you really hate) to find nothing or the wrong variant. And the abysmal chance you’ll eventually get it to drop somewhere else isn’t much fun. (still try getting a 3x cryo tizzy but it’s just min/maxing at this point so not really stoked on doing AR)

It helps fill in some of the gaps left by all the stuff they steal from you (action skills, guardian rank, etc).