Troubleshooting Suggestions for my Gun

Hello everyone. I’ve been attempting to make a Hyperion SMG in UDK, however, it is simply not spawning in correctly. I’ve made sure everything is correct, going through every little detail to try to figure out what is going on, but it simply doesn’t work. I make a map with a skagpile that spawns it, however, it only works in the “Play in Editor” option in UDK. It doesn’t work at all in the game. The gun it does drop has for example the title of my custom SMG, but it lacks the special barrel I gave it (probably why it doesn’t display the gun). I’m really unsure of what is going on at this point. Any suggestions?

Again, most likely the Steam version of UDK doing its thing (which is always bad tbh).

So if I were to get a retail version of the GoTY, would I need to recreate the gun if it really was the steam version? How do you think that would work?

You’d have to remake it yes.