Troy Boss fight Game breaking bug found

Last night I was finishing up an Amara run to 50 and I happened upon this horrific bug with Troy. When I got to the arena, the mission said to “Find Troy” and I ran down there while dialogue was still going on. When I dropped down, the marker became checked off, however, the next objective would not load and Troy was floating in the sky over Tyreen, enemies were spawning, but the game wasn’t reading the flag to proceed the quest. So I quit out, reopened it, still had the same problem, Troy fight not initiating. I also shut the PS4 off, that also did not help. The game became impossible to complete on my file and I had to circumvent the bug by joining a multiplayer game of someone who was going passed that point in matchmaking. This is probably by no means a common issue as I have never heard of anyone else experiencing thing, but if it is I felt like I should give my own account of what happened. I believe I have the video of the bug on my PS4 Gallery if this should prove helpful in identifying what happened I will try and attach it somewhere somehow.