Troy boss fight

Hey guys.

I’m on my first play through. Beastmaster, level 40.

I’m on Troy and he literally kills me with 2 hits. How in the name of Satan’s smelly armpit do I beat this guy?

I’ve seen videos on YouTube of people fighting this guy and he hits them for like 10-15% of their shields. With me, the first hit obliterates my shields. And the second hit, kills me. I have a 5729 shield and 3266 health but he carves through me like a hot knife through butter. I know other people have come across this. How do I sort this out?

I’ve uploaded all the hot patches or whatever they are called it still the same.

This is a game killer for me.


Are you playing online? Hotfixes don’t apply to offline play.

It’s strange because when I did this fight first time, I actually thought it was disappointingly easy… What action skill are you using? What pet are you using? I did it first with FL4K. His projectiles are easy to avoid for the most part, I used Fade Away for the crits and i’m fairly sure I was using a Beefcake Jabber. I can’t recall the gear I had but I don’t remember it being that tough. Maybe your gear needs an update?

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Yes. I’m playing online. Even offline he’s hard as nails.

It’s the reverse, offline he’s still OP, but online he should be easy. Granted, sometimes the game bugs out when you log in too fast and doesn’t apply the hotfix. Save quitting and reentering should solve that.

Thats strange, my first play through with moze didnt encounter any issues with troy.
And i dont think hotfixes/updates will make any difference.
I think i was also under leveled too.

Try changing your build. Get damage reduction and Max HP + Regen or Try fadeaway crit build (got the nerf stick).

I use Fl4K attack.

I’m level 40, have pretty much done all the side missions so I can’t even level up.

All my gear is level 38,39 and 40.

I don’t mind the challenging boss fights. And all the others have been exactly that. Tough, but do-able. This is just so one sided. Might have to start all over again in the hope that it’s a glitch. I’ve sunk nearly 2 days of playtime on this though which is annoying.

I’ve don’t the save quitting as well. But it makes no difference.

For whats it worth… i never had any specific builds to fight him, i used what weapons and equipment i had on at the time which were nothing powerful.
Sucks if u had to restart mate.
Wish i could help u more.

Can you perhaps get someone to help you with the fight? It’s really not that hard, avoid the orbs and that’s half of the fight tbh.

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Yeah, I actually beat the broken version of Troy because the hotfix for some reason didn’t apply and I wasn’t aware that he wasn’t actually supposed to be healthgating you in one hit :rofl:

It’s definitely a tough fight which cost me alot of cash but its doable if you figure out his patterns. His energy balls are alot more avoidable at range.

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Yeah, this. Stay a bit of distance away from him so you can fit through the larger gaps between them

My first character at release, I had trouble until I started circle strafing and spamming grenades. Grenades kept spawning, so I used them. My second character, Zane, was able to facetank him had more health than shield because of Mendel’s shield (+50% health and 5% max health regen on full shield). Rise to the Occasion also helped. I think he just pops shields really easily. Like others have said, you just need to keep your distance and dodge the orbs. He’ll jump on you a few times, but you should be fine.

I had this problem, I have no Idea why it happens. But I restarted the game 4 time’s, and on the fourth time he hardly dented my shields and I bet him pretty easy.

but the first three times rebooting (This on TVH ) He would one hit me if just one of those balls hit me. Don’t know why it worked but like I said took me four times rebooting to get him to a beatable level.

I had had a strange problem before where trash mobs suddenly took 3 or 4 clips to kill, and rebooting helped this. That is why I decided to do the reboots.

All I can say is this worked for me :wink: May not do the same for you.

I know it is frustrating when other people jump in with no help except “I beat him easy”

Hope this helps some.

As opposed to chiming in with “I found it hard until something weird made him easy after reloading”, eh?

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I struggled a lot with this fight also. Level 41 Beastmaster with spider ant.

I found he is quite weak to radiation damage. In the end, I had to grind this fight. Kept my distance to avoid those energy balls. When he rushes you, run and jump. If you time it right, you’ll take no damage. Otherwise, it’ll pop your shield. Would use fade away only when he was in the centre of the arena, and stack as many crits as I could before he started moving again. The rest of the time was spent dodging attacks and trying to regenerate health and shields. Always keep him in sight as well, a few times he took me completely by surprise because I lost sight of him.
In the end, it was DPS effect of being irradiated that killed him, as I was reloading when the bastard finally died.

Guys. Finally done him. Would have replied sooner but work got in the way.

I closed the game down. Completely down. Re loaded and waited till it showed I was online (on the title screen) before selecting continue. I think what I was doing before was starting the game offline, then while it was loading was going online but the game still thought I was still offline so the offline version of Troy was loading. Could not believe how easy he was when I restarted.

Thanks for all your help on this.


Just FYI - I completely agree with you (Amara, Lvl 40, PS4 ver 1.0). I’m currently downloading the update (weighs in around 20.00GB) just so I might have a chance to beat Troy. Boss is completely unfair. “Balls” (which is what this boss design is, BTW) nail all shields and around 70-80% of health. Concurrent waves of said balls mean if you miss one, you ain’t dodging the other. And NVM with “git gud” - up until this point bosses would beat me, I’d farm for loot or level up and find a way around. There’s no option for this on troy. No matter how good your shield, he’ll one-shot-kill any shield with ONE BALL. ONE SINGLE BALL.
Additionally, to second wind you have to shoot at rakks unless you’re extremely lucky and some other enemies have been called in. This happens too rarely. While you’re trying to pin one of those rakks, the “Eridium wash” obscures your view (of course upon the ever dimming second wind view). This is not good design. This is cheesy and unfair. This is borderlands - this is NOT castlevania. I play borderlands and not castlevania for a reason. Just saying.
Will report back after update. Please everyone, if you’re having troubles, make it known in these forums. Something is up with some instances of this boss and when that something happens, this guy is absolutely impossible.

Update. PS4 v 1.21. Knocked Troy down on first attempt after update. This guy is broken on 1.00. Make sure you update.