Troy Boss one hits me Help?

So i have made it through the game for the most easily until i come to the Boss battle with Troy. so i have looked this battle up and for everyone else this boss is well a standard battle, however for me its anything but as i get hit once by his purple power balls, yes i know that’s not the official name but i am going to run with it. i loose around 95% of my total health. I am playing a lever 31 Fl4k and troy is the standard level 32. I have watch several youtube videos and when you get hit by the purple power balls you should only loose around 10% of your health especially as some of his moves are almost impossible to avoid. So my real question is, what do i do now? should i try to bruit force my way through by power leveling or is the game just broken? or more likely am i just being dumb and have done something wrong in my build. any help would be much appreciated


I had the exact same problem on XBOX one (running Moze with shield of retribution, 5000 shields) i also watched others do it and they hardly take damange while i was getting one shotted.

I eventualy said screw it and put the game on easy mode. there i took almost no damage, after defeating him i put the game back to normal and finished the rest of the game just fine.

i went back after beating the game on mayhem 1 and he could no longer one shot me then. so i Think its a glitch with some bosses sometimes. that or my dificulty is glitched now :smiley:

i made a thread on it if you want more details.

let me know if you managed to defeat him or this “trick” (i guess) worked for you as well

I also got hit down to about 5% with each ball. I thought this was standard. I was using siren at the time, and with a combination of properly timed jumps and good placement (and a ridiculous amount of time) I was able to beat him only going down once or twice. Each time I would get hit, I would use the siren projection to regain health to nearly full by bopping him once, allowing me one more hit.

I think it was a ton of fun, but immensely challenging. If each ball was something like 30% it would be understandable, but I was getting absolutely stomped for a while until i learned each and every move.

FYI, it was like this for most of the end game battles for me. I feel like this is normal, and it feels like the people I’ve watched who took very little damage may have been playing it on easy mode. Can anyone confirm if this is supposed to happen on normal?

I doubt its normal, i’m now playing on mayhem one and the enemies are definitely challenging again.

So i’m almost sure its a glitch with the boss, as i doubt they would make a boss fight that’s impossible to do unless you have crazy health
Regen, because as moze i was not just losing a lot of shiels and health. Getting hit once by the purple balls meant death, while his gun did like 5% shield damage

I did some more testing with easy-normal mode and the only real difference i can see is the damage you take.

Fighting troy the difference is on easy its 5% from a purple ball on normal 15%. So seeing these numbers i’m almost positive he was glitched, could explain some treads with people saying a boss is impossible if this happens to more bosses.

I tip my hat to you tho sir :smiley: for beating him like that.

just dont get hit :’)
well, what level r u in? i pretty much could kill him only when i reached lvl30…

i have the same problem, level 38 Fl4k, his purple balls are so many and fast or he came over me so fast i could not run away from. Normaly i go and do some other things, get back later but in this case i can´t. I have 2 other quests but these are blocked till i killed him? What can i do now? Begin again or try and try and try? That´s annoying.

Weird, without to overstate, he needed to hit me like 5 times to even break my low capacity shield. And his attacks were slow and easy avoidable. So i am not sure what is going on with your game

His purple balls healthgated me every hit too, in the one fight I’ve had with him so far (yeah I haven’t put nearly as much time into the game yet as others heh :wink: ). I thought it was by design, kinda like how the Sentinel in TPS would healthgate you if his nova blast hit. I’ll see what happens next time I fight him…

(Needless to say I had to get really good really quick at avoiding those balls but it took me a few deaths heh.)

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one having this problem. I too have watched videos where Troy pretty much stays in one area and only moves after five or six rounds of orbs. The orbs are moving so slowly in those clips you could weave in and out of them. Not so in my experience. Everything is accelerated when I fight him and he’s pretty much gone airborne and landed right next to me by the time the orbs get to me. One orb and my shield is gone, so the blast from him landing instakills me. Over and over and over again. I first attempted him when I was lvl 31 and tried for about 90 minutes before giving up. I went back at lvl 34 and it was no different. I tried setting the difficulty to easy, but that didn’t help much. Now I’m just farming loot tinks and badasses hoping a better shield drops for me.

The solution for this problem is quit your game by save and quit and continue as normal.

I read here in the forum/or somewhere else, that it is a bug, that troy spawns multiple red bubbles in one point, so you are screwed after he jumps towards you.

The “save,quit and return”-Method solved my problem.

The same Method solved my problem, killing the “Trailer-Boss” (That huge machine with the death-skull)

Hope it helped you guys…

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I had the same problem. One bubble removed all my shield and additionally 90% of my health. Fix was to connect to the internet and restart the game so the current hotfix can be applied. No need to change the difficulty.

Seems like the problem was stealth fixed by the hotfix.

I have no idea what is wrong, but yes troy One shots me with the hit of a single round ball… I go from over 14000 shield, and almost 7000 HP in TVH to like less than 10% of my health in just that one hit.

Only way I can beat him is to never get hit… which takes me forEver to do… I have to spend every dime I have before the battle, or plan on losing all of it.

Because i will die somewhere between 14, and 25 times at the very least just trying to beat him.

Not sure what causes it but it’s definitely a glitch. Save and quit and reload to fix the issue.

My first time fighting him I thought this was a boss you were supposed to lose against since he was inta-killing my FL4K pet and hitting me for 90% of my health each time. After 5 more deaths, quitting to the main menu and reloading turned the fight from the most challenging encounter yet, to a joke of a battle.

Certainly not intended to be like that. Try if playing it offline/online (depending on what you have done previously) changes anything. Otherwise you might just have to wait for Gearbox to deploy a fix or try and ace the fight.

It’s an offline thing go online and wait for the hotfix to be applied in the homescreen the fight will be different .

There are other threads about this very thing where I’ve tried to explain this happening to me and getting into a very heated battle with people who dont beleive me it’s pretty frustrating.

it’s a bug they purposely built into the game and can only be fixed with a patch which means you must play online yet they said this could be completed completely offline…
they done this to stop people farming him and other bosses while offline because you get tones of extra legendary drops when playing the offline…

If we don’t go online, what are we supposed to do? It’s 10/8/2019 - the patch should have been out by now.