Troy calypso difficulty bug

So for some people troy is pretty easy. His attacks are slow and telegraphed eveything is super manageable. His attacks dont even take out your sheild. But I’ve had it completely different. Hes super aggressive spams his attacks and moves incredibly fast so much so that by the time his orbs hit you hes done his dash and kills you. Super annoying to have some dink tell you to git gud because the fight is easy when there is a night and day difference between difficulty.


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You said it your self. His attacks are slow and telegraphed eveything is super manageable. His attacks dont even take out your sheild.
[/quote] just practice.

No in mine he moves far faster and he hits way harder have a look around others have seen a difference like one hit fight for your life


Does he one shot you? With one hit


Hard to believe, but you are not the first one who wrote this. Maybe it is FPS related?

I never saw your problem in my game or in any other game or stream. Seems pretty weird.
But even if he one hits you, you can adapt

And to be clear I beat him eveytime I play him I’m not stuck on him but there is a difference for sure I dont need to practice. Have a look through the web others have commented on this.

See others have noticed this if I get one more git gud from some dink I’m gunna lose my mind.


So do you get one shotted is my question?

There does seem to be some disparity between fights with Troy. Usually he can’t even put a dent on my shield (moze 1 health build) but sometimes his leap does a lot more damage and breaks my shield instantly.
Stick with killing tyreen, her drops are better anyways

Breaking your sheild is one thing but being put into fight for your life with one hit is another plus his speed and orbs are so much faster it’s not the same fight at all. In most peoples game you could weave in and out of the orbs running I barely have time to jump in between rounds of orbs then he dashes and your done.

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See he doesn’t dent your sheild. I get put into fight for your life. Is that some disparity or what?

No, with one health moze breaking your shield is instant ffyl. I was at over 40k shield when he broke it with one swing and went down.

Anyways, what you describe is a lot different. Is it possible you could record it? It should be easy to see on video if he’s spamming his attacks faster than designed

Not great with tech to be honest barely know how to use these forums but I could definatly try . Could I somehow do it with my phone

And I really think it’s an offline issue cause when I was online it was easy as ■■■■

You could record it with your phone, post it on YouTube and then link that here.
Sorry to ask you to do so much, but seeing is believing around here and evidence goes a long way

I agree about the seeing is believing for sure I’ve never uploaded anything I’ll take a video first of all then how do I upload to you tube?

It’s as simple as making a YouTube channel and hitting “upload” or the little video camera icon on some apps, it should be pretty easy to figure out.

Ok I’ll give a shot

Watch any video about the fight and look in comments section people are seeing a big difference it only takes one second to find someone saying they are taking way more damage I’m having a hard time getting a video and loading it up

They say quitting and starting again helps but it doesnt for me

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