Troy cannot be a siren?

I’m just gonna steam this block of text from reddit from 5 years ago.

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Borderlands 3: FtM Siren.

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as in Borderlands 3: Female to Male Siren.

as in Borderlands 3: A Siren Has a Sex Change.

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Please gearbox do this


If her power is to transfer siren powers, then maybe this power originally belonged to someone else, hence explaining the age inconsistency.


Oooh. Would be neat if the bullets got stuck in her arms, and at the end of the animation she’d flex them and fire the bullets back.


Don’t forget, the Borderlands origins comic had an old siren who told Lilith about her powers, and died early on.

Asha also appeared and could control animals.

Both of those are dead if I’m not mistaken and we don’t know how siren powers transfer. They might pass along to the female in mind when one dies (Steele’s focus on the Vault and what it will give her while ignorant of possible death could mean the power would randomly jump)
Roosterteeth has that happen in RWBY where the season maiden powers pass along to thought, or randomly if no suitable candidate is thought of, unless partially siphoned.

Angel, knew she was going to die and may have thought of a new power carrier by the time she died, thus projecting her powers. She had the Hyperion surveillance network at her fingertips, she could easily have seen a remote suitable candidate to keep her powers from Jack.

Asha, we know very little of. She could have died via surprise and her powers go to a new carrier, or if she had someone in mind them.

Ultimately we know near to nothing of sirens and can’t do anything more than speculate with shots in the dark.


From the Wikipedia page on sirens. However the link the reference goes to has been removed so it’s not completely off the table. And comes as a surprise to me.


Classic wikipedia lol.


Or rather, the content on the other side of the link has been removed.

Ultimately this is from Wikipedia originally and nothing else has corroborated this so far so it’s very possibly a hoax, but given the range of things remembered and forgotten from mythological stories it could be true.


The comics aren’t cannon, but i get that


Always a chance there’s a kernel of truth in them that they decide to add in borderlands 3.

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He’s not a “siren” but he’s siren-esque. Since he’s a twin to one he got some of the siren stuff, whatever it is. That’s why he’s got red tattoos whilst sirens have blue ones. We really won’t know more about it until they reveal the story.


Wait, what if because they are twins their powers split?


Could be, or maybe he’s just “half siren” or something.

Perhaps the reason his sister is siphoning off Lilith in the trailer is to make him a full-fledged siren?

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I’m pretty sure troy needs tyreen to stay alive

I’m sure there’s more to it than that, if survival was their motivation they probably wouldn’t be making themselves out to be prophets, starting a cult and trying to rule the galaxy in the name of the vault. They’ve got to be trying to get stronger, to achieve ultimate power by sucking every siren they find dry.

On the topic on Troy needing Tyreen to survive and combining it with his character, I find it interesting that it’s his right arm that is robotic - what if the condition he suffers from makes parts of his body that does not receive siren powers to detoriate? Hence the right arm prothethic, for siren powers(tatoos) flows through left side of body.

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Maybe he was a parasitic twin that was lopped off, maybe Tyreen has a huge scar somewhere we’re not seeing.


There’s always the possibility they’re both artificial sirens, “manufacturered” by Tannis.

The Battleborn Easter egg pins Tannis as not being trustworthy or good.
She might be trying to collect all the keys to open something that might allow her to alter reality or become some godlike diety.

The CoV might be trying to thwart her goals by making the vaults into religious icons that it would be blasphemous to open, or attempt to.

“Visit Promethea”
“Children of the Vault”
“We are not on Pandora anymore”
“Tannis is not what she seems”
“Do not open the Vaults”


That’s a really cool idea

I don’t think Tannis is inherently evil but I do think she’d do something careless like cause the apocalypse while trying to learn more about the vaults. She’s always struck me as a very stupid genius.

She tried to betray us in borderlands 1, which could mean the only reason she’s helping us is to get something out of the vaults and maybe everytime we open a vault she’s getting something from it