Troy connected to New U?!?!


Don’t be a Steve. Always use Spoiler tags.

[/spoiler] If Troy is dead, who is anointing all these mobs? Maybe Troy was connected to the New U. We dont know about his revival, but he is out there growing stronger waiting for the opportune time to strike. Please share your thoughts and theories here :+1:

Your spoiler tags are showing and the New-U is a game mechanic, not a lore item. Just because Troy was killed doesn’t mean that he didn’t create more annointed than what we see. Basically you can’t apply game mechanics to the story because they’re two separate things.

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Sorry new to this whole forum thing. The New U station has been mentioned countless times by several of the characters through out the game tho. I remember one character talking about how as long as you have money, you can respawn.
The fact that Claptrap in Bl1 asks you to enter your DNA into the new u and multiple characters reference and talk about the new u leads me to believe its apart of the borderlands universe and canon.

Character chatter in the Borderlands universe isn’t necessarily tied to lore. If New-U was canon, we’d have an endless cycle of respawns. Commandant Steele, General Knoxx, Roland, Handsome Jack, that Dahl guy we sent to Elpis, Colonel Zarpedon, Nisha, Wilhelm, Maya, Aurelia, Troy, Tyreen, Lilith, all of those people would still be alive.

Respawning is a game mechanic, and New-U is the checkpoint system in the Borderlands games. It is not canon, and could not possibly be, otherwise we’d be in a war against New-U stations to stop our enemies from respawning and half of the side missions would just be collecting New-U technology and building new stations.


A war against New U, where we go to the New U factory to destroy them so nobody evil comes back would make for an awesome raid.

Sorry, I was in a bit of a mood when I wrote my reply. Anyway, in the original game there was just one type of New-U: a place where you could customize the colors of your characters’ outfit and respawn after death. In 2 GBX split it up into a customization station, which is cannon as far as that goes, and a respawn/fast travel station. The fast travel part is cannon because Handsome Jack used it a couple of times in 2 and that’s how some of the NPCs get around in 3, but the respawn mechanic is just a game mechanic, and not a part of cannon. Ultimately you can’t really take anything Claptrap says as “fact” in regards to the games’ universe because he’s there for two things: comic relief and to teach the player how various game mechanics work in the game. He’s the only NPC who breaks the fourth wall by talking directly to the player instead of the character they’re playing. Hopefully this clears up any confusion.

You forgot Scooter! NOOOOOOOOO!


And do you put Lilith on that list yet. TOO SOOON!

I’m more hoping with that one :joy:

For what i know the New-U station is a gameplay mechanic that is NOT canon.

The corporation that invented the “new-u” station is Hyperion.
you can find “hyperion” on it on every station

There are plot holes for it being canon and then there are plot holes for it not being canon. How can something be created by hyperion and be referenced multiple times through out the series not be canon. It just doesnt make sense to me. Then at the same time it wouldn’t make sense for it to be canon either since other characters wouldn’t be dead like they are now.

I was under the impression Tyreen was hopped up on Eridium and absorbed whatever power Troy had left. Thus still anointing and doing that whole thing with Elpis.