Troy fight, potentially glitches the bank

So I kicked Troy’s ass, then I fell through the floor after the cut scene, like usual.

As I fell I hit the slam button to fall faster and possibly not need to quit and reload the game. MISTAKE!
I returned to sanctuary to find my bank empty. All my stuff that i had saved for the next characters is gone. Now I need to re-farm… yay.

unfortunately i believe those are two seperate issues. i don’t know if the cause for losing everything in the bank are known yet but it seems to be a wide spread issue for a lot of people. what platform are you on? i’ve not encountered that issue yet on PS4 Pro (knock on wood) but i’ve fallen through the map after troy on every playthrough, that’s 3 times.

I ve got a similar issue yesterday (about falling through the map)
I was at Carnivora big map. killing vehicles, one instantly killed me by rolling on me. No FFYL, instant death. When I reappeared I wasn’t able to move. I could only move Camera and jump. But map has got no floor/ground anymore. I mean it was there visually, but no physically. So when I jumped I fell through the map again. Tried around 5/6 times. Before having to Save & Quit. I recorded a video To submit a ticket just in case.
Save & Quit fixed it though.

PS : I lost my bank items but not after this glitch. I lost mines right after buying the last capacity upgrade from Marcus shop. Since I have bought the last upgrade, I did not lose any items. I built a mule though and only let crap in bank to see if it happens again. They’re still in for now.

Those are 100% separate, yes. Had the bank bug today and the only thing I did before that was spending like 3 million dollars on one of Moxxies gambling machines. Also had the Troy bug when playing through the story for the first time but that didn’t affect my safe.

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In BL2 you could dupe items easily as item inventory was not saved very often, just checkpoints basically. In BL3 any movement of items is instantly saved so you cant duplicate them. The constant save process is very resource intensive (comparatively) and may be the issue as at some point due to some error, the game thinks you have no items in your bank and saves that status.

I know they wanted to stop duping, but there was a reason past games did not save item status constantly, errors are much more likely and lag is more likely as constant saving of info takes significant resources .

I just hope that the underlying process is not so entangled in the game design that lag and save errors cant be fixed.

That sounds like it might actually be true. Every single crash I’ve had, I had while doing stuff in the inventory menu. If the game saves absolutely every thing you do with your inventory, and I’ve only had crashes while doing inventory swaps. Then it stands to reason, that those menu glitches would be the cause of my current unhappiness.