Troy fight won’t activate. Need help

Whenever I find Troy it won’t activate the cutscene to do anything. It just shows him and Tyrrens in between the two pillars. I’ve restarted the games, my Xbox, and even taken the game out and restarted it but nothing works. It won’t let me finish the story.

This is happening to me as well on PC. Perhaps worth noting, I logged out on the quest step ‘Go to the Garage’ off the Angels and Speed Demons quest. Coming back, i joined a public game and it joined me in at the Vault fight, when i loaded up my save to play solo again afterwards it placed me back on the Garage step of the quest. Then I opted to continue playing instead of skipping ahead, so I have already viewed the cutscene that was supposed to play this time as well.

Gearbox help us!

Edit: reloaded my save. My quest marker jumped ahead to ‘Return to Sanctuary’ but I was able to drop down and fight Troy again.