Troy Glitch(VERY MAD)

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I need to address a glitch that really made me wonder why i have spent countless hours on getting guns and almost finishing 2nd playthrough on mayhem 3 . I got to where you face troy, spent awhile trying to beat him, finally beat him then went to cut scene… after the cut scene i was glitched through the floor lost all the loot that was dropped and on top of it, when i returned to sanctuary my entire bank was wiped… im not happy at ALL with this… As there were items that do NOT drop without spending countless hours of playing… and im assuming there is to way to correct this and my bank is poof gone.

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Uhhh…on PS4, last night on my Elemental Amara file, I fell through the map for the first time in my entire time playing BL3 after defeating Troy…except my bank didn’t get wiped.

For that bug after killing Troy for the story, we have to wait for a patch for that, but I’m guessing the reason why my bank has never been wiped yet is because I never play offline. I play online but solo.

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The Troy boss fight glitch where you fall through the floor happened to me too, I had to restart the game and sit through the cutscene a 2nd time. The bank deletion glitch is a separate phenomenon though, as I’ve yet to have my bank deleted. The bank deletion glitch seems to be mainly related to playing online with other players.

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it was online, PC, as i was falling i went and grabbed a drink came back and it was glitched out. i apparently landed to where it says path to the twin gods or whatever and i couldn’t do anything so i exited and came back . after i got done completing and returning to sanctuary i was like oh i’m gonna grab some stuff from the bank and come to see that it was GONE. a bunch of top RARE legendary

literally spent hours and getting certain loot that i use for different builds for my zane and now im stuck with the stuff i barely use in my inventory, only for boss fighting

Oof, maybe I’m just lucky to never have the bank get wiped…

In any case, the stuff in your bank are gone, and you’ll need to get new legendaries. Gearbox REALLY need to fix that immediately because while I never got my bank wiped yet, I hear that as a common issue, and it needs to be addressed.

I was streaming on my discord channel as it happened, but i do not think discord saves the streams which i am trying to dig through to see if i can see if they do save prior streamed videos.

next time you get that bug, hold left control so u do a ground slam. u will die and respawn. that bug happens to me every time i fight troy

whatever you do, do not let it keep falling, i should of exited but i was like well ill brb then and came back to all that…

Strange, every time it happens to me you fall all the way out of the map and you die and you respawn then everything is back to normal.

ground slam when it happens

Gearbox doesn’t want to make the games fun to play for medium ability solo players. They want to make it frustrating as hell so people just quit. I wish people would keep their mouth shut when they find a good op gun, grenade etc, but the world is full of loud mouths that can’t keep their mouth shut when a glitch etc is found. Why doesn’t Gearbox just make available the game as released with no friggin updates for people who play solo and not on line or multiplayer

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Anyway to not restart for Xbox one?

Why don’t you play offline then. Updates don’t apply to offline play.

Hello Pr0we. Thank you for your response. I was just very frustrated at the time. I love all Borderland games , have them all and play everyday. I appreciate your response but it seems as if when using a Playstation 4 Pro the updates are actually downloaded to your system and become a permanent update. There is no way I know of to roll back the updates on a Play station system. Bl3 was purchased on line via the PS store. Any suggestions or comments. Thank you

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If you end up falling through the floor again, I would fast travel to the New-U on the same map instead of quitting. That is what I did for graveward and was able to still collect my loot.