Troy is quite possibly the most poorly designed boss fight in gaming history

This cant be done. Maybe my copy is broken or somthing but im level 34 with legendary leveled gear and troy 1 shot kills me. Most times immidiately. Heres on the fight goes, drop in, jump over the death orbs, he smashs me with jump, if i doge before i can land hes spammed the death balls again from 2 centimeters away, no posaible chanve to avoid havnt even landed yet when it launches, or, i get mega lucky and he doesnt jump and just repeatedly spams death balls for 5 minutes straight then jumps at me and repeats. If im lucky enough to get an enemy to kill in FFYL he obliterates it before i can with yet more spammed death balls. My shield is 2,064 health is 1,498 so each of his orbs does 3,500 damage minium, this is on normal difficulty and first playthrough. Wven if i use zanes shield troy smashes through it then spams death orbs, again before i can do anything other than die. As is this cant be done. It is completely impossible on my copy. There is no way to avoid all his attacks and just 1 is immidiate death with almost zero chance of getting up. There are no words in english to express my levels of disgust with gearbox for this game. This has been one of the worst experinces of my life. An arduous slog, more about infinite repetaed attempts at the same boss rather than gear. I dont understsnd why this gsme is so broken. I dont recall BL1 and bL2 being so aweful and arduos, in fact i have multiple maxed chsrecters on both, if i manage to beat teoy im taking the gsme bsck for s redund and buying death steanding.

There is a known bug that makes so that Troy one shots players. Restart the game until his damage is down to normal levels.

Wow, really? I believe you, but I must have been really lucky, having farmed him the other day. Thanks for the info!

I was gonna say… I’ve fought him several times and the orbs weren’t that deadly (and also easier to sidestep in my experience rather than jump). I was unaware of the alleged bug.

There has been quite a lot of reports regarding the Troy fight, where people says he oneshots them on the spot, but it would be nice if someone could make a video showing this bug in question.

Not that I’m doubting these people or anything, but I would love to see this bug in action myself.

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I did try that, but after 12 restarts and 15 quit outs i gave up. After literally 127 attempts i managed to cheat and use the broken ceramic pipe bomb infinitely to kill him, still took 5 full minutes and at least 100 or more grenades. I just dont understand how or why gearbox did so poorly as compared to 1 and 2. I nevrr had this issue, wven with raid bosses on solo.

You are playing a very old version of the game. A lot has been changed, you have no ground to complain about things that have already been fixed when you aren’t using an up to date copy. :frowning:


Installing the updates fixes it for most people. Are you sure you’re not using an old version?

If not, you might want to submit a bug report and let them know it’s still happening for some people if you’re fully updated.

They have said multiple times they are using an extremely old version. The version where the pipe bomb was still broken. (they commented in another topic as well about the pipe bomb)


I already stated i have a vanilla copy, i fomt have wifi. The whole point is that gearbox is a massive devolper. Its not too much to ask for a game that isnt nearly unplayable without masaive day 1 patches. I paid 50 dollars for this game i can absloutely complain. At my old house it wasnt even possible to get wifi, not even sattilite so again theres no excuse for this, release now, patch to playability later nonsense and to be fair when i bought BL1 and bL2 i had no such issues, there were bugs and glitches in both but neither had anything close to this ridiculous and unplayable.

I don’t want to sound rude but… have you played EVERY GAME EVER of the last 8/9 years?
at this point you should expect that.

You should play games that don’t have a massive co-op/multiplayer side like Borderlands and play purely single player games.
hell…even single player games get massive day one patches.

it’s nothing new…
so my answer to this

is…yes. but actually no.

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Yeah, for better or worse these days if you’re gonna game you generally gotta patch.

for some reason if your running in circle , the ball do far less damage it couldn’t kill u , i did struggled at start , as i were try to stand between or jump over the ball . but when i figure it out it become easy fight

So you got past agoniser9000 then.

I’ve never come across that bug with Troy.

My strat for him. (good for up to M3)

Have a good high fire rate fire weapon and a normal bullet smg or AR.

Hang back just outside the door area, and strafe to avoid the balls. As he shifts towards you, just jump left or right…

he’ll then fly to the centre and land…just concentrate all your fire power on that bit

As the pillars pop up pop them with the normal gun

If he starts chucking rocks from the portal - run towards the portal.

When he gets his Turd Farmer (my name for his vertical baton he forms…looks like a turd)

Run right at him, then slide past him as he drops it…you’ll take a bit of residual damage but spin round and pop him more.

I had that bug constantly for awhile. He was easy enough to bring down, but the balls would almost health gate me.

It was some weeks until I realized it was a bug. And by save/restarting, sometimes fixed it.

However, as others have mentioned, playing the vanilla release offline, is the cause. It was patched. Just put your game online, let it update, enjoy the newer bugs it brings.

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And my answer to that is, that mentality is exsctly why game devolpers do this. Because peoole like you will not only pay for hald finished prodcuts you will make excuses and justify the practice even to the point of delusion. Imagine if hollywood did this. You go buy the latest film or tv show and half the episodes or film cant play until you download a fat update. But you still pay the full 50 dollars for the box set. You just dont actually get what you paid for until you update. Imagine if you boight a car and it didnt start until you “updated” these are exegerated examples of course but the point is only the gaming industry does this, and any other buisness would be ruined by such a practice. And its directly reltated to the customer response. You make these excuses for them, but its not accaptable. It blows my mind that you justify their practice by saying thats how it goes. No. No its not. For 20 plus years of video games and consoles that absolutely was NOT the norm. Hotfixes are not supposed to be massivw gigabyte updates dude they never were. This idea you can patch out problems and use your customer base as free beta testers then patch to playablity is outrageous. That you defend this practice as a paying customer is more outrageous. They should release the game for free then charge for it after the patch. Or you know. Do a good job in the first place. Whichever.


But they released the game under the premise that it would be continually updated and more content added. Nobody lied to you about that or hid the fact. Big difference. It’s nobodies fault if you don’t do your due diligence as a consumer and research a product before you buy it.

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That is my entire complaint. It is not my job to beta test triple A titles for free. Gearbox can absolutely afford game testers and its obvious that just doest happen anymore. Why bother when most of the fans will happily beta test it for you then justify the practice to others. Im really baffled as to how its too much to ask for a game to either A. Not cost 50 dollars out of the gate if i have to beta test it for the devolpers free of charge, or B. Beta test the game before releasw to the extent that players can at least enjoy it without an update. I have no issue with minot bug fixes that slipped through devolpment, boss fights in normal mode on first playthrough that 1 shot you is not a minor bug, thats a massive oversight. The fact it made it to release at all in the first place is my issue. Again, the previous borderlands titles had no such problems in fact once with both BL1 and BL2 i beat the game with an orginal non patch copy and then bought the game of the year editions with all updates and DLCs and there was no noticable difference between the vanilla and patched games that i could notice. So i stand by what i said this is unaccaptable, if only for the fact that gearbox has already shown they are fully capable of not messing up this heinously.

OP has a very valid point about paying for something that is, essentially, broken in many ways.

Video games nowadays are released broken, and developers fix problems later. That is the new methodology.

The only thing that OP can do, if updates are not possible, is to wait on buying, until later produced discs have updates integrated.

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With the way games are nowadays though so huge and complex, I doubt no matter how much time they spent on it before release it would ever be in a perfect state once millions of players have their hands on finding bugs. Just doesn’t seem realistic if you understand the scope of these games.

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