Troy's Hitbox seems wonky Superfans

So I’ve been farming the ■■■■ outta Troy. Cause I generally love his fight, but I have some minor problems with the fight.

First being those Voltaic Rakks that are so annoying on Mayhem 2.

I can deal with those though.

What I can’t deal with is getting point blank with my Crossbow Sniper Rifle, shooting it, and it going straight through his body and doing a grand total of 0 Damage, Or his head even.

Does anyone else have trouble actually hitting headshots on Troy or am I literally just garbage at shooting Troy, but can perfectly shoot Tyreen’s head.

Do you have the same problem with other weapons? If not, it may be something to do with the Crossbow.

I mean sometimes I miss with the One Pump Chump Shotgun, but most of the time I guess I’m not having the same issue a majority of the time. So it definitely -could- be the weapon itself.