True G Take Down 17m39s

Yeah, good luck if you play with someone in BL3 rocking a Recursion (like I do). The game is basically unplayable in co-op.

The previous run under pre-nerf single Takedown contains 2 skips. If I skip as long as I can, The time would be faster than pre-nerf single run. But who cares?

Thanks for remind me the era. I enjoyed such arenas MS, HS and the peak. Good time it was…
Edit: You can check them in the playlist of my utube channel.

I had used those shields. RR is my favorite.

Me too. And Rough Rider Maya is one of my favorite.

Last Maya comment from me to avoid thread derailment lol

I ran a pretty BA Rough Rider Legendary Nurse build for a bit in CO-OP. The movement speed from Fleet was awesome to make up for damage loss compared to Binder/Cat/Siren COM’s.

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Yes it is.

Anyone else find it funny how terror anointments have probably been the most impactful anointments so far? They were pretty instrumental in speedrunning MTD for the first month or so, and even now we’re still seeing them in use completely destroying content.

IDK, I just find it amusing. I can’t wait for that event to come back so I can get on level gear with terror anoints.


I hope they fix the EP glitch people done with that one annoint. If that doesn’t get addressed, I hope they stay gone lmao

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I hate the skulls. The way they come out, and terror effect. But the effect from gears is not bad. That make me fine with terror build. And you can avoid disadvantage from 50lv, with Rough Rider. :wink:

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i think i am only one of the few who is sad the terror anoints go away.

my melee amara and fl4k benefitted for the added health regen back in m4.

i am still in the search for some level 50 terror its’ piss actually.

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FL4K in the video has one. It’s shame he can not throw it to you.

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too bad.

I loved the terror anointments. The drop rates during the event were so horrendous that I couldn’t get the gear I wanted (really just a Transformer with terror and any grenade with terror ammo or health regen would do it).

I didn’t mind terror at all, and thought it was a really interesting mechanic. Did not enjoy the skulls but didn’t mind the terror effects. When you think about how terror worked, you can see how they came up with the ASE mechanics.


If there were no Reapers.