True Maliwan Takedown | Amara lvl 72 M11 | No Skips | 6:18

Forgot to show my gear and stuff, so doesn’t fully count… But I can definitely grab a sub 6 minute one with that.


Set up seems to be Super Soldier (you get invuln bubble when shield gets full) with 50% ASE, Ghast Call (Vindicator ? Roided ?), Victory Rush with aoe damage (maybe Rad and mag size too if its a perfect one, and Death Blessing COM.

Good run dude. And yeah sub 6 is definitely possible. You lost some time on valks, I think a Flipper would be better for them when they land one by one until last phase. Coil + nade was a bit slow to make them phase quickly.

Bridge was really clean.

And you lost some time on Wotan on his first jump, after first phase. Coil isnt optimal here too, I’d suggest a Flipper or Free Radical as it has massive damage + splash weapon aswell.
Also, if you spec’d into Infusion, get Blight Tiger instead of cryo bubble. Wotan resists cryo so he might make you lose some time with cryo on a bad rng run.

Was really entertaining to watch man, looking forward for the next one !

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Thanks, man! I’m using a Snowdrift Deathless artifact with smg, aoe, and mag size. It is a vindicator ghastcall grenade mode that I use… No anointment, of course…

On wotan, I miss judged the jumps and went a few extra times for sure… I’ll have to try the Flipper or free radical to see if they would be any quicker. The Backburner uses 500% splash damage anointment. The plasma coil has urad and my shield has the 50% ASE. The Death’s Blessing has smg dmg as well.

I’ll definitely try your suggestions and see if I can get that sub-6 run… I can get to Wotan’s platform pretty consistently at around the 5:15 mark. If I clean some of it up, and get a faster kill on Wotan, I might be able to pull off a 5:30 run.

I tried both the Flipper and Free Radical with the 500% Status Effect Damage and urad… unfortunately, the reload times are too slow combined with the slower fire rate for each that it actually takes longer than my plasmacoil + ghastcall combination on the second Valk. The other two are relatively quick in comparison. I just have to get a lucky run where the second Valk doesn’t glitch and goes right back up to its post. And as long as I time the Wotan kill just right, I can definitely get sub 6 and most likely sub 5:30.

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