True Strike disorientates?

Grinded out Phoebe’s lore over the weekend and after playing Kelvin (probably a poor choice for a first time melee character), she is much easier to get into once you bump up her max shield strength. I found that using her True Strike skill to be rather disorientating as I’d activate it, sort of hit my target and then be facing off to side. I see that it somewhat performs a short distance lunge effect but at close range it behaves a bit more unexpectedly. After I completed my True Strike lore I more or less stopped using it all together as I found her primary saber attacks did more damage and didn’t have that disorientating feel when using them with only the very very occasional True Strike use in an attempt to knockback/stun a very aggressive enemy. Anyone else feel this way about True Strike, perhaps I am using it wrong?

I’ve masteted Phoebe and never had this problem, though I seldom use it to be fair. I take the explosive augment at level 4 and use it to kill fleeing enemies, that’s about all it’s good for IMO unless you’re using it for the silence helix at level 1 but I find it too unreliable to use consistently.

Actually, True Strike is a very important part of Phoebe’s toolkit to kill her targets. There are mutations that boost True Strike a lot, and the most important thing is that you can hold down both primary and secondary attack buttons to weave them together. She’s probably the only Battleborn who can do that. What’s more her legendary item passive effect actively boosts True Strike. So yeah she’s kinda all about True Strike :wink: And it hits like a truck with Crosscut ( mutation level 3 if I’m not mistaken ) and Reprise ( right level 4 choice from memory ). Or become a nice AoE ability with Blade Sweep ( mutation level 4 ).

True Strike comes with a dodge, indeed, in the direction you’re moving. It’s actually quite amazing as a small gap closer, but yes it may be very disorienting as it will really stick you super close to your target, hence blocking your view big time. it can also make you fall cliffs if you’re not careful !

Blade rush however is kinda meh. Nah, scrap that : it’s completely meh. I think @slif_one was mixing Blade Rush and True Strike up :wink:

That’s sort of why I brought it up. Her lore and helix skills kind of make me feel like True Strike is a big part of who she is (the very name of the skill sounds like a finisher move), I just found I wasn’t using it because it felt off to use, which made me feel like I was only using half of her full potential (which is still way better than trying to use Kelvin…he’s a cool…hive mind…but damn can he be challenging to use). I will definitely go back to her again and try to play with her skills some more, i am just cycling through factions and character types playing each one until rank 12 (and hopefully completig the lore) atm so right now I’m onto #8 which is Thorn and airborne volley kills in PvP!!

[edit] I do like using blade rush though, as after doing the lore for 2000 something damage in one hit it felt nice to use even if wasn’t a killing move.

Oh LOL I mistook True Strike for Blade Rush LOL my bad! Ignore my entire first comment!

Hehe I think you’re right to do a full roster rotation before choosing someone specific to play. At least you will be able to find the One you want to play with the most :wink:
And yes, TS is really important. I agree it can be disorienting. It’s one of the thing I have issues with in the game - lot of effects, hard to get your marks in a fight, especially in melee. Ranged have it easy :smiley: And it’s even more marked for Phoebe and her dodge-dash move which we “have” to spam.

Blade rush I use, of course, but I feel it’s super underpower. It doesn’t bring anything really to the table except the possibility to silence people… When we hit them with BR AND THEN hit them with a full combo. It’s probably cool when you rick but in the meantime, it’s very weak !

At least her ult is fairly decent. Definitely ults that do AoE damage are better, though using her final mutation to make it follow you? Garbage, much better to throw your ult and pull back I think, goes well with Phasegate which I like to use to get in close, trigger slow down on enemies and then smash them with Blade Cascade.

My picks before playing were Marquis and Thorn, but I decided to start with Oscar Mike who ended up just being super awesome “Oscar Mike rules!”. All you can smell is burning chest hairs when I play Montana, Toby also good if only his ult didn’t suck to hell in PvP. Marquis is the 1000 Yard Stare of Battleborn, took down ISIC (in The Alogorithm) in one drop with him, and his pistol is great for hip firing. Caldarius is extremely easy to get into and most of his attacks are super flashy and fun to use (if not a little weak).

Rotating through the roster and sticking with one character until all their mutations are unlocked feels great as each time you swap characters, the training wheels go back on and you have to figure out how to play them and not die all over again. Void’s Edge solo on normal is a great training ground for most character types I’ve tried so far and also fantastic for clearing most grindy lore challenges.