True Strike KB Cancel

Hello Fellow Phoebes!

Not sure many of you knew this, didn’t really see any threads so hopefully I am not beating a dead bush with it. I want to introduce you to a cool Phoebe tech! Thanks to @Dr_H0H0 showing off his cool Dragon Tech, I will show you guys a cool Phoebe tech!! GOO LLC!

I’m sure you Phoebe players hate knockbacks a lot so why don’t we just cancel them. Takes some skill to master, some foreshadowing and some timing but I am sure with enough practice you can get it done. It can easily be noticeable vs BBs with windup Knockbacks like Ambra staff slam and Reyna bubble ultimate. Attached is a video demonstrating said skill with a Reyna (Thanks @khimerakiller for helping out). Before the bubble blast is about to hit you, you basically true strike forward into it (guessing what really happens is that it skips the knockback frame and performs your true strike instead). You can perform this even with Ambra’s pesky staff slam and make her wonder if her staff has gone dull. You can perform this when an enemy quick melees you as well. This may be a little bit harder since many BBs have fast quick melee but with a little bit of foreshadowing you can get it done. Hope this helps out us Phoebe players! Which she is the best character in game btw… :wink:

First part of the video shows a KB Cancel and the second part shows what happens when you don’t KB Cancel.

Anyone else wanna share any secret techs with any of your favorite characters!?? Well… don’t post here, post in the appropriate thread for that. :slight_smile:


I have done this many times
Thats why you cant quick meele a good phoebe… She is over you all the time.

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Cool, I agree too!! Than I may be beating a dead bush then lol.

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Dont think like that! New players dont know about or how she can chain it with normal attack.

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True, you are right about that too. Hopefully it helps some new phoebe players out with knowing what else her true strike can do. I know also from the video, I am on a slantish area but I have tested this on many surfaces and flat surfaces and it worked the same way. One thing that I am not quite sure of is with KU ult knockback since it also gives like a 1 second hard CC. I think you can cancel the knock back but it will still hard CC you.

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Oooooooh! I’ve been doing this without noticing! An Ambra even hate mailed me! Solid


Lol… I started off the same way and slowly realized what it was after. Wonder what that hate mail said :joy:

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Very interesting to see Dark Souls-esque input priority tech in Battleborn!

It was discovered that certain user inputs had priority over other input queues.

Example: backstabs have priority over every other queued input. This effectively let you “chain-stab” opponents as soon as their recovery frames were finished and as long as they’d panic-pressed the roll button or queued an attack.

I’m guessing something similar is going on here, where True Strike (for whatever reason) seems to have priority above certain action-types.

Benny’s reload cancel, Dragon’s Bicycle-Fuego, now this. I wonder what other kind of tech people have found so far.

EDIT: holy sh*t… I just necro’d something…


Oh, my God! Dude, you are in SO much trouble! QUICK, BURN THE EVIDENCE!!

Throws @pokapoka a can of gasoline and a Zippo lighter.


“OMG! I’m really, really, REALLY, really sorry!”

lights all evidence on fire