True tials loot drops nerfed wtf

I just done some of the true trials and instead of the bosses dropping 4 lego’s they now only drop 2.When did this happen i was gone for about a month playing street fighter 5 came back and they have nerfed this why would they do this when the game is almost dead.

Coincidence? Shouldn’t be nerfed, at least they didn’t announce anything. I guess I should ask the usual. Did you have hotfixes applied?

Yes hotfixes applied i also checked the patch notes did not see anything about it but there have been stealth nerfs before it was not like this a month ago.

It’s odd. If there was a stealth nerf, this would be the first I’ve heard.

Not that this should make a difference to the overall number of drops, but keep in mind that there is a different loot pool for regular trials vs. true trials bosses as well.

I am doing true trials the bosses used to drop 4 lego’s now it’s just 2 say if you were doing the obsidien one with the monarch and atlas replay you would always get 2 atlas replays and 2 monarchs now you only get 1 of each.I just tested it on my other profile and its the same why would they stealth nerf this when tiny tina’s wonderlands is coming out soon it is just strange try it out for yourself now the trials are not worth doing.

I don’t remember ever seeing more than 2 drops from true trials when they were made permanent.


I dont recall it always being 4 legendaries every time. I’ll be jumping on today and will do several runs to see if it’s not just RNG as you definitely used to get more than two, I just cant recall if it was every time. Have you done any more runs to see if it’s still just the two?

Wasn’t it that you only got 4 legendaries if you got no skins (or just legendary skins as well)? In my memory it was that I got around 3 legendaries on average, with at least 1 being a class mod or artifact. Getting 4 legendaries wasn’t at all guaranteed, just not quite rare either.

Yep it is exactly 2 every time it used to be 4 every time they stealth nerfed the drops i just can’t figure out why seems kinda strange.I asked the same thing on reddit and other players notiiced it one guy said it started happening a couple of weeks ago he thinks it’s just a bug.Me on the other hand i think it was stealth nerfed with a hotfix on purpose.I will post a ticket on 2k forums and see what they tell me maybe it is a bug but i doubt it.

That is the chest loot we are talking about the boss drop’s say if you killed the tink he always dropped 2 skullmashers and 2 sickles and if you got lucky one of those sickles might be a boom sickle.The chest loot is unchanged most of time you will get 3 or 4 lego’s out of the chest 4 if you get a good time that is still the same i have tested it.

I was thinking of posting a new thread here about peoples thoughts on arms race loot since the clear skies event. I know people might say it may be a bias that the loot appears less than before clear skies because there was so much loot during it but I play arms race a lot and some friends and I were all agreeing that it was very poor post clear skies. It got to the stage we questioned bad RNG when the enemies were also far tankier than normal and suspected something was up.
I didnt post this as yesterday we had a couple of good runs. This could be luck but now I’m starting to wonder if it was bugged and has had a stealth hotfix.


Clear Skies was the most fun I’ve had with Arms Race. I wish it was an event I could turn on.

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The arms race boss should drop 3 guaranteed lego’s that way even with a terrible run you could still maybe get something good from the boss drop.As it is right now it feels terrible to have 10 runs in a row and still get nothing of value .The chest loot used to be so good then they nerfed them this has me worried for tiny tina’s wonderlands they nerf things way to much.

True Trials bosses have always dropped only 2 legendaries from their dedicated pools. It was like that during the limited true trials event and didnt change when the event was made permanent

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