True Trial of Instinct - Loot Pool Broken?

That’s why I don’t replay it. It takes too long if you fail. Every time I tried I either fell off the platform or got killed by the radiation bursts. I didn’t find the crystal charging piece that problematic. I’m just not willing to spend another 30 minutes when I know there’s a 99.99% chance I’m just going to die again.

If there was a save point right before the fight with Anathema I’d keep trying, but until that occurs (which I’d give a near zero % chance at this point) I’m not going to try it again.

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Hehe took me 2 times to get how he works :rofl:

Just keep an eye out for when he’s going into his immunity stage. Quickly look around wich platform does not have the red beam (center included) leave your clone as you cannot save him and run for your life :rofl: by the time the boss spawns in again my clone is ready to be deployed again hehe (you can just go into FFYL if you’re confident you can get up again

Do keep a weapon on your to get yourself out of FFYL just in case (i still fail to get to the safe platform from time to time and even managed to jump just when the bubble hit me so yeah flying through the sky in FFYL) :rofl:

2nd boss is also really great. though if you fail to melee the crystals next to him in-between stages he can get his health back. (however you won’t get send to the other map again)

Like i said before, apart from the jumping its really great content (both takedowns are) hope they’ll give us an other one :joy:

My strategy for his radiation bubbles is to jump to the closest platform, then immediately turn around and jump back. By the time you jump back the first bubble will have exploded, making the first platform safe again. As a bonus, Anathema will be vulnerable again and staggered as he cancels his teleport so you can quickly start knocking off his next chunk of health.

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Played the Trial of Instinct 5 times yesterday on PS4.

Run 1 - 1x Tizzy, 2 Backburners
Run2 - 1x Backburner, 1x Linoge, 1x Maggie
Run 3 - 1x Tizzy, 1x Backburner,
Run 4 - 2x Backburners
Run 5 - No Legendaries.

No legendaries? That’s odd…

I had the chests being locked but the true trails are supposed to drop 2 of the dedicated legendaries every time (or did i read it wrong haha)

While AR as a game mode might not be everyone’s cup of tea - I actually don’t find it too difficult solo.

As long as you prioritize getting some sort of health regen (shield, grenades) before taking on a boss, not try to face tank everyone in front of you, and head in the direction of extraction stations - chances are you’ll walk away with some loot. Harker always drops something for me, and he’s not that difficult.

Keeping an eye for elemental guns (even whites will do) to deal with boss shield and armor helps of course.

Full disclosure - I usually do not venture out to edges of the map for chests with supposedly dedicated drops. Got all my gear just from central area and Harker - may be that’s why I never get into these 30 min runs.

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That 5th run… oof.