True Trials, To Keep or Not To Keep?

After seeing some pretty mixed reviews on the True Trial event, I wanted to get some more accurate feedback from the community. There is a decent discussion of this subject here for reference.

• Do you think the True Trial event would be a positive permanent addition to BL3?

  • Keep It
  • Don’t Keep it

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IF made permanent, would you rather the “True” Trial be the standard or have a switch to activate it?
• If activated, would the switch scale the entire Trial or just the end boss?

  • Switch
  • No Switch

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  • Entire Trial
  • Endboss Only

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IF made permanent, should activating the “True” Trial mode allow more time before failure?

  • Yes
  • No

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IF made permanent, would you rather see different(non-DLC) gear such as M6+ weapons added to the boss’s drop pool?

  • Keep DLC Drops
  • Replace DLC Drops(M6+ or other)

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Wanted to say don’t keep it but…

  1. i don’t play the game because of M2.0
  2. when i did play i hardly ever bothered with trails.
  3. they could do the same as they did for true takedowns
  4. they could change the loot every week
  5. nothing more i want to say :rofl:

Definitely want them to keep it. This game lacks content where you can just unleash the sheer dps your build is capable of. These true trial bosses make a really good challenge/training dummies.

But definitely would like them to replace their drops with M6 drops instead of dlc drops. The “dlc items being able to drop in base game locations” thing is really scummy and I absolutely don’t agree with it.


Thank you for saying exactly what I wanted to lol


They don’t add much besides a more lengthy fight, so I’m not sure. And if they’re just glorified training dummies for high end damage builds rather than a true raid boss meant to actually fight and challenge you than that just makes them more of a joke to me.

Opinions might change on the dinosaur though.


I would have said keep prior to this week? Plus have it like the takedowns where you flip the switch and it activates, having somthing always active is a complete oversight for any long term enjoyment


It would need a switch, otherwise it would really devalue Takedowns


The problem with keeping it is there’s no point unless they also keep the reward system. To have different rewards each week is going to require a hotfix every week for it. They are not going to do that, especially given how much people complained about so many hotfixes.

If it was in place I’d want a combo of DLC gear plus MH 6/takedown gear. Base game legendaries, even with the drop rate nerf, are too easy to get already–no reason to add them to this.


Like everything else in this game… They completely missed the mark :sweat_smile:

So not going into everything they did wrong or could have done…

Trails and Slaughters, imho… Never really felt rewarding… (especially with the generous old WD) and farming dedicated sources was probably the best shot.

Same with GTD… It’s the hardest content but the rewards are just not worth all the effort…

Arms race actually did a good job for item farming (or rather, on paper… Seeing i never played SP2)

Trails and Slaughters should all have their own dedicated loot (make it worthwhile to actually farm them)

They know damn well that people struggle with classmod and artifact farming…

I think they just can’t see the forest for the trees… (look at M2.0… Imho the biggest crap they ever created)


For me the game is going all over the place , this game doesn’t need contents - this game need to be fix like QoL and stop adding 48Billions HP to a boss who is not worth to kill except for " Challenge " it’s just a waste

For me it’s a no no … waste of time , not fun , not worth it , nothing new


I have not played them so I won’t vote but I have watched a lot of videos and streams about the events and I’m pretty neutral toward them. the concept of a “True Trial” is cool but when it amounts to just inflating a boss’s HP pool it’s a pretty lame event to me. the extra loot incentives are pretty cool despite some questionable choices (DLC item in base game content/Maggie which only has 3 possible variants and world drops therefor is a lame choice for an event).

Would have preferred something a little different for the True Trials but if they stayed as a permanent option it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest. some seem to be enjoying it and that is good to see


Well, you can get the weapons you want from Arms Race on a regular basis. But speaking from my months of experience hunting a Kensei for Amara (and only getting one a few weeks ago) and only coming across a few coms for Zane and FL4K, farming Classmods there is akin to torment.

They kinda are? Coms can be found anywhere else, but they do drop more frequently there. In Trials anyway.

On the arms race, sounds good on paper haha but GBX doing GBX… In reality they probably screwed up something or other :rofl::rofl::rofl: (probably drop rate seeing your statement)

I know :wink: they added that feature after god knows how long but still, you’ll probably better off farming somewhere else haha
And also read many people finding skins or whatever trash nobody needs :astonished:
Why are these things even in the loot pool? Even in BL2 i questioned this…

What i mean is that trails should get their own dedicated loot on top of the chest with classmods :wink: kinda like they are doing now (though adding more legendaries into this game would probably be a bad thing because of how they screwed up itemization with M2.0)

Best thing GBX could do is remove M2.0 and start over :rofl:

Then make trails, Slaughter and takedowns actually worth farming :wink:


Poll needs a third option. I like the idea of true trials but not like this.

I think the boss health is way too bloated, and the adds stop spawning after a while, making it a bullet sponge slog with no challenge outside ammo management.

I would like to see 4 player scaling on the whole map and a boss fight that has challenge. I would propose no more than 2 billion health but have non-stop adds with plenty of them being badass level or above.


I had a side note including this typed out and removed it, I will edit it back into OP.

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Yeah, this.

Just make it like Takedowns with 4 player scaling, but when you activate True trial mode make it so that chest is guaranteed legendaries regardless of time, just like with this event. Having the mobs being really easy and the boss extremely spongy doesn’t sit well with me.


T-Rexes for the Trial of Instinct!


I will just say no, because I don’t want their teams to waste time and resources on something that in my view does not add anything interesting to the game: either you use op stuff and it’s trivial, or you use average stuff and then it takes time to kill but it’s still not a challenge since those bosses do not pose any threat even with an average defense.

IF they really want to expand on this idea, they ll have to put different bosses or add patterns to the existant ones so they have attacks capable of posing a threat. Those bosses are just moving dummies not real enemies that fight back properly.


The problem with difficulty in BL3 is that the VH’s are just too powerful for any enemy to pose a proper threat. Zane and Amara have insane life steal built into their skill tree, so this alone mitigates 99% of the threat of dying. As long as you can shoot something it’s nearly impossible to die. Even Moze’ Vampyr is capable of nearly instantly replenishing her HP bar. FL4K has access to ASS Shield shenanigans providing excellent survivability.

At the end of the day for GBX to truly add real difficulty to any content the VH’s will have to get nerfed. Otherwise inflating HP numbers is going to be the easiest route for them “add difficulty”.