True valt hunter mode useless if you can do regular mayhem 3 and get same loot

Why play TVHM on console when you can play mayhem 3 farm any boss in regular mode and get same level/stats Equipment drops??? Drops are identical if you complete TVHM and farm mayhem 3…there is no point in wasting your time doing TVHM On xbox console… they better fix this…very disastrous decision on thier part…it should be like pc play and being able to set mayhem mode while playing TVHM…this is so broken…please fix…why are people mot screaming about this

Is there confirmation that there is no drop increase from TVHM?

Anecdotally, I swear I get more drops from TVHM-M3 than from Normal-M3, but I have no data. But I also haven’t seen any definitive testing or data either way.

So if it’s confirmed that there’s no drop increase, can you direct me to where you found that out?

I play TVHM without Mayhem and to me it feels like drop rates are the same as in normal. I also have no data but I never noticed any difference.

Yeah, I’ve heard people swear one way or another, often passionately, but I still haven’t seen any proof/data, and I’m not even sure if it’s possible to prove one way or another without Gearbox just telling us.

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I’ve seen people say there’s a higher chance to get anointed gear, and I’m assuming a higher spawn rate for Badass enemies, but I don’t have any real proof of this stuff.

For mission rewards I would guess?
Seem strange that Normal mode drop lvl 50 gear to me. It shouldn’t imo.
As to know for sure if there’s a different drop rates between the modes. That would require a huge amount of very tenuous work because we’re dealing with world drops, rare spawns… Not impossible tho. I’m sure we’ll soon see reliable data on some bosses.

-edit- There’s already someone who did 4000 runs on the Graveward…

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I feel like there are more badasses and anointed in tvhm m3 that drop legendaries quite a bit. Although boss farming feels the same in normal m3 for loot.

That would make perfect sense.

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