True Vault Hunter Mayhem Mode

Does anybody know if mayhem mode is supposed to be available at the beginning of TVHM? I have gotten to sanctuary but the podiums aren’t there. Just started it yesterday at lvl 50 and it seems way too easy.

Mayhem shows up at end of tvhm

That’s pretty disappointing, literally just killed gigamind with 3 shots. Gonna be a boring playthrough

You dont have to beat tvhm, if you want just hit mayhem off of regular game you beat.

I went thru tvhm just to get one toon thru it. I’m not sure I’m gonna runs my alts yet.

Been doing that in normal mode just to kill bosses for the event, dunno if I’ll bother with my alts in tvhm either

PC functions normally. Console does not have mayhem podiums in TVHM until you beat the story again.

Best to farm normal mayhem 3 on console till they fix it.

This really needs to be fixed. I would like to play the campaign once more, but not without any challenge and chance to drop nice loot (btw playing in xbox)

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Thanks I thought I heard some players had it unlocked in TVHM right away, found it weird how I had all the other vault items unlocked but not mayhem mode