True Vault Hunter Mode, and Mayhem Mode

Its been a long time since I’ve posted anything on here, but I have questions about TVHM and the new Mayhem mode.

If I’m correct, Mayhem Mode scales up enemies to your level and handicaps you in exchange for much better loot. And apparently, side-quest rewards also scale to your level, so the general consensus is that players should leave side-quests until the main story is done, as to get more adequately levelled mission rewards that you can take into TVHM. But I’ve already done several of them so far in normal mode, here’s a list.

Bad Reception
Dump On Dumptruck
Dynasty Diner
Golden Calves
Head Case
Deals And Dealers
Holy Spirits
Invasion Of Privacy
Just A Pr*ck
Kill Killavolt
Porta Prison
Powerful Connections
Proof Of Wife
Ratch’d Up
Rise And Grind
Skag Dog Days
Technical NOGout
Under Taker

Now, with all of that out of the way, I have several questions.

  1. Out of the above list, have I missed out on any good rewards, that I should watch out for in other playthrough’s?

  2. Should I leave ALL of the side-quests, or are there specific ones that I should leave for their rewards.

  3. Does Mayhem Mode increase the loot quality of boss/random enemy drops? And if so, would it be better to just farm bosses? (This is on Xbox One)

  4. Is there a recommended level to start TVHM in BL3, like there is in BL2?

  5. I feel like Mayhem Mode is a way to get players prepared for TVHM, but it seems counter intuitive for me. Mayhem Mode gives better loot, but TVHM gives more XP. So on one end, you want to go into TVHM as high levelled as possible, so you have the best possible gear. But the higher levelled you are when you go into TVHM, to less relevant the increased XP is, as you’ll have fewer levels to go before you reach LV50. So, is this the gist of it, and if so, what’s the preferred order to do things in? Or is all of this just completely inaccurate?

I can say invasion in privacy, beans is farmable. After mission he had guarented drop of westergun. They are good guns to have at level 50. If you get a x2 damage even better. My fire x2 destroys annoiteds.

If you think you’ll ever do a melee build, save the Dump on Dumptruck quest for level 50.

Proof of Wife can be kind of funny if you’ve already killed Katagawa.

The medic quests on promethea aren’t bad to save either. However, you’d want to do the optional objective where you buy the first set of supplies instead of intimidating the guy, then you get a shield that gives a ton of boosters some good, some bad, it’s a weird shield.

Killing Killavolt, I’d say save that one too, then you can go kill him, and farm him for a good Transformer at 50 instead of wading through Lectra city , but that ones not super tough either way.

As far as level goes, start TVHM at 30 is my recommendation. You’ve got some good skill points and a handle on the game at that point. Remember to always check tediore weapons for mirv, homing setups. You can kill stuff fast at those levels with a good mirv weapon.

Anyways, good luck!