True vault hunter mode help!

I need assistance with true vault hunter mode! I accidentally reset my game with mayhem III active. Im a solo player and cant finish the story do to a bug in a mission. I also cant turn off mayhem mode because i reset my story and dont have it unlocked… can anyone help me?

if you don’t have mayhem mode unlocked, you won’t have it active. You can check your map to confirm that it isn’t active.

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I beat it once and unlocked it. I had it on to farm bosses. I got the weapons I wanted so I could replay the story again. But when I reset my campaign I forgot to turn it off…

It is active the skull icon is at the bottom of my screen under the ex bar. My game also glitched at troy and I cannot continue any farther because it’s bugged.

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I just need assistance… my game is bugged and I am on mayhem mode. I posted a couple pictures to prove it…

I notice your quest objective hasn’t updated to “kill troy,” so you’re unable to trigger the cutscene before the fight?

Yes. It’s glitched unfortunately… i cannot continue. I was speed running the story just so i could turn off mayhem mode. Then it bugged at this spot.

Might be due to mayhem mode being active in the first place. Assuming you’ve already tried restarting the game, all I could suggest is waiting it out and see if it works eventually or reset your playthrough again.

Thats kind of my only option… being a zane solo player on mayhem 3 is to much. I made it so far just for it to be bugged. If there was a way I could turn it off though the menu and just reset my game I would have no problems with that. But I cannot unless i complete the story…

What if someone else on that mission ran you through it? it might fix your bug. Just a thought.

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I have no idea tbh… I’d be willing to try for sure. I was also thinking is some that has the story beat took me to sanctuary and I turned off mayhem on there’s it might go to mine… but I have no clue.

there’s a tech support section of the forums. you’d have better luck getting help there than general discussion

I put up a post on the support side 2 days ago… so far still got nothing.

you must be on PC, cause only PC platform has allowed you to play TVHM with M3 unlocked w/out beating the main story. Console’s have that locked up till you finish the story in TVHM. At least that’s what I’ve read, I’m still in NVHM M3 farming gear.

My suggestion is to ask a friend to invite you along when they reach that point in their game to carry you thru that glitch.

It’s on Xbox. And I did beat it I completed tvhm that how I unlocked mayhem 3. But when I reset my campaign to play through it again it left mayhem 3 active. So I started a new tvhm game with mayhem 3 active. And I cannot turn it off

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Once you beat tvhm you can reset your mission from the main menu. I did that but never turned off mayhem mode. So even tho it’s reset, mayhem mode is still active.

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I will pray for you my brother, you’re going to need it :stuck_out_tongue: LOL

Oh dear,you’re in a bit of a bind aren’t you… This “bug” will be another thing Gearbox will have to look at in the future to prevent this sort of thing happening. Stuck on Mayhem 3 on TVHM will be a nightmare to get through

You could check your Xbox storage settings and see if you’ve got a local save and a cloud save, and delete your local save and hope that the cloud save is from a point in time before you reset?..I don’t know, that sounds kinda risky though
I have no constructive advice other than that, sorry man

If you decide to reset after all, I’d more than happy to help you with any sections you find troublesome. Mayhem 3 mobbing is no joke