True Vault hunter mode not working

But. Besides that, I have started true vault hunter mode after having fun and messing around in normal. But the lost legion invasion. When I get moonshot the loading screen start, finishes, and then there I am sitting stuck in the container. I’ve tried killing my self with grenades but didn’t work. I take no damage and never run out of O2. Something Too add… I can’t open my storage or the menu at all. Person menu that is. I can’t use or See my weapons. And I can’t open the container myself. Yes I have tried. I can use action skil and throw grenades. Although they don’t matter cause I can’t die or hit anything good. I’m completely stuck. And not on ax single char. But on every character this has happened. Please for the love of me being able to get higher than the level 30’s and playing more. Find a way to get my into tvhm.

I am replying here for anyone els who has this issue. PLEASE KEEP THIS FORUM UP SO PLEOPPLE CAN SEE. I deleted my profile data and started the mission again in true vault hunter mode. It fixed the issue like I thought it would. I just saved it to a USB and then started the mission again. Not stuck in the container anymore.