Trust in GBX Decimated. At least for me

All that goodwill. All those eager players awaiting this next instalment.

I wonder how many of (them) are actually left. Even these forums are becoming a ghost town, barely a year after release.

You have let issues (co-op) fester for almost a year.
You removed a setting Eight Months after release, rendering the game, for me, unplayable.
You continually ignore long-time fans of the franchise;
Why did you not build on Digistruct Peak?; give us various runs, using all the games bosses.

What is that secret area in (cant remember map, early part of game), where Vermi was shown ?

Such a waste of time.

Even if these things are finally fixed.
How can we ever trust you again. With Any game that must endure ‘live service’ status.

Game is toast.
Player base is toast.
Ability and or Incentive to play, yep. Toast.
Probability of my continued purchases from this company…
Oh yeah, i’ll be pre-ordering the Delux Maxi-pad Version of whatever tat they release next. /s


Out of curiosity, what does ‘distrust’ look like?

For any others who see this thread, just a friendly reminder:

You are free to leave/uninstall the game at anytime…

I’m not saying this to take away from your opinion, but if one game causes this much stress/anger, then it’s not good for you…you’re doing yourself a favor by experiencing better, more fun games.

Self care is important :v:t2:


And that sounds reasonable if you have the income to just shrug off a bad title. “Ha-ha, you got me you jokers!”

If you spent a non-insignificant amount amount of your entertainment budget on… say 2 copies, one being a deluxe, and a season pass (Raises hand) then its a very valid concern.

To downplay their experiences is not only entitled, but fairly darn callous.


where are the raid bosses

Takedowns. You’re welcome.


Because it was awful and they knew it, perhaps.


You’re right…he’s trapped to play Borderlands 3 for eternity…he has no free will to play other games, or work extra/get a side hustle to make the money he lost…silly me


Personally, I’m not upset they didn’t include/build on one of the most broken things in gaming I’ve ever encountered. While I’ll admit that Co-op in this game is poorly optimized, you seem to be under the impression that multiplayer is the most important thing in this story driven, Player Vs. Environment franchise.


What setting was removed after 8 months?

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This is a stark example of the difference between positive and negative world views. Here’s my take:

  • proving grounds are awesome additions. One of the things which has kept players returning to BL2 is timed trials, whether integral to the game or community driven. Adding proving grounds is an example of gearbox learning from the player base.

  • circles of slaughter are awesome.

  • takedowns offer larger scale gauntlet style content, and the two released so far feel very different from each other. I’d like 2+ more of them.

  • 3/3 DLCs are excellent, so far.

  • cartel and haunt events were each excellent. Should be permanent, imo.

  • 4/4 VH can be used to beat all content.

  • map diversity is underrated in BL3.

  • contrary to some beliefs, BL3 weapon balance is actually better right now than BL2 endgame weapon balance is.

  • build diversity is better than advertised. Much better.


From what I’ve gathered of various frothing-at-the-virtual-mouth rants, it’s a setting that allows one to adjust the scale of the HUD. And allegedly they put it back but it doesn’t work.


Love it :muscle:t2:

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100% on your side.
But ofc, it’s all opinion here and point of view. I only play coop and this experience is not the best. I’d like to see it fixed by I guess I have to wait for the new console generation to be released for that to happen.
And besides the mayhem modifiers which I try to ignore (they are more of an annoyance that anything else) I only have one major complaint: when your partner is in FFYL it is freaking almost impossible to find him in time. I dunno, put a giant marker above his head or at least point me to him in any very visible way. Pretty please!

The rest is fine to. Again, all opinion here.


Go to tech school and make that money.
also, don’t have children.
Then you can buy all the games.

I love this game. I think it is a lot of fun, and seems to get better and better except for “Takedown at Guardian Breach” which is really unenjoyable and needs a reboot IMO. I’m confident GB will improve it though.
Overall, I think GB has done a great job, the DLC’s are outstanding, the core game was great, and they’ve done a good job supporting the game during the pandemic-which must have been a huge challenge.

If you’re unhappy with the game, take a break or play something else. Thats what I did with Destiny 2, I really grew to hate that game after D1(it was my favorite franchise) and I discovered Borderlands 2 and haven’t looked back. This is now my favorite franchise and BL3 is definitely my fave(which I never thought I’d say after BL2).

Hope you find a new game to like or rediscover reasons to enjoy BL3. Cheers and good luck.


I hate this mentality. “Just leave/uninstall the game”. Wow, we waited so long for the game and if a person feels this way let them vent about it. I feel the same way about the console crashes and items lost that I’ve experienced. The feeling is that maybe, just maybe, something will be done about them. Forums are the place to air these feelings out. Suppressing them or telling people to just stop playing doesn’t help.


Welcome to the club VH! Always glad to see me members joining in. Your response hit home with me, I loved D1 but hated D2 and always told my fireteam can’t wait for the new borderlands. Now that it’s here im here to stay! I do agree with th OP that the forums are quite but hope the new DLC will bring them back. Oh and if you haven’t played borderlands 1 you need to including the Knoxx dlc.

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Guardian Takedown is the single worst piece of content released for any Borderlands Game, and you can’t change my mind on that.


I have never been able to play the Guardian Takedown. The patch that removed the HUD setting came with this Takedown release.

Same with DLC 3.
And whatever events have been happening the last few weeks.

This game has been unplayable for Many people because our HUD is fixed at MAX scale, and not tiny (like we had it for 8 Months.)

They return the slider some weeks ago, without actually fixing it.

If you (the collective you) think it is ‘trustworthy’ for a company to change a product you have purchased (while you are still due said purchased content), 8 Months after release; that’s your prerogative.

Personally, I will never trust this company with my purchase. again.


A lot of remaining players here are the devotees who stuck it out. I stop by here to respond every so-so and see if there are any changes worth me reinstalling and taking up 1/10th my HDD again.

There is nothing wrong with venting, just understand most who would agree have left already.

I left after M2.0 was such a disaster and the long drawn process (still taking place) to try and balance it. I have moved on to many other games and have not looked back.


Only complaint here is you can’t go straight to the BA round/waves. Starting from the beginning each go can be a bit of a chore, but having replatable slaughters is still the bee’s knees