Trust Level for old timers

(Sheriff) #1

Is there a way to circumvent the “trust level” thing… as a “new” user I can’t even post my old builds because I can’t post more than 5 links… :frowning:

any chance a Mod can do something about it ? it’s not like i’m gonna suddenly become a problem around here.

(Chud Hunter) #2

Woah woah woah.
I think you are becoming kind of a problem around here. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was going to ask the same question but I guess I am just going to give it time and see what comes of it.
I’m sure for the majority of the people who come to the forums everyday it’s not going to be long before the trust level thing doesn’t hinder anything. Hopefully.

(Dannydlm) #3

While i kinda like it (as it hinders trolls somewhat) hopefully those of us who were active in the previous forum will be under truster soon

(Sam Saffron) #4

Getting to trust level 1 is super easy, that said, moderators can easily bump you up from the admin screen.

(Where's lucky?) #5

Chuck I had this issue but just keep posting and you will gain trust

(Sheriff) #6

Alright, I guess level 1 is all I need for most of what I want to do anyway :slight_smile:

(Sheriff) #7

That was quick indeed :stuck_out_tongue:

(Dannydlm) #8

Haha there we go, I dont even know where to view my Level or whatever xD anyone wanna help me out ; )

(Where's lucky?) #9

You get a Badge on your member level check here

(Dannydlm) #10

Aha, thanks : )

(Impala) #11


(Jianderson) #12

See, I need this too!

I’m trying to bring up my skill guide for Zer0.

And a couple other things.

(Killing Floor 2) #13

They should just bump up your trust thing because you make great guides for people.

(Dannydlm) #14

Was that yah first post impala xD what a post, a rollercoaster of emotion that :wink:

(Jianderson) #15

They should do it for a lot of us in the first place. Such a nuisance.

(Impala) #16

lol. I’ve been trying to upload an avatar for the last ten minutes. Nothing i pick shows up. Not to mention the forum logging me out for some reason. This feels like my first time in the lair of infinite agony.

(Dannydlm) #17

Haha, the ava will appear in a bit, at least mine did anyhow xD mine was invisible for a good 15 mins before showing up.

edit- i basic now-

(Jianderson) #18

all the pls nerf right now.

(Killing Floor 2) #19

Yeah, same here. I thought it just wasn’t uploading until it finally showed up.

(Chud Hunter) #20

My avatar loaded. then showed that it didn’t load for about 10 minutes then popped back up as it was loaded the whole time. kind of weird.