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The way I see it, New-U stations as things that EXIST and can be used for fast travel, are recognised in-game and used for progression. Their usage in BLPS in this regard make that clear.

But New-U stations as immortality MacGuffins are just a way to enable infinite continues in a game that has multiplayer and thus, cannot load saves. Functionally they can theoretically do that in-world (BL2: Kill Yourself), but in practice, what does it matter? If nobody’s death is permanent than nothing you do means anything and you may as well just ‘play’ the entire game in Marcus’ shooting range.

You have to recognise some separation between gameplay and story to allow you to experience both of them. If you’re going to take every quest and dialogue line as complete canon, both BL2 and BLPS talk about the Stash and ‘swapping items between your characters’. Where are all the threads about the Vault Hunters all being a hive mind?

Essentially MST3k Mantra:
“If you’re wondering how he eats and breathes, and other science facts, then repeat to yourself ‘It’s just a show, I should really just relax’.”

Yea man. So much truth. As I replayed all the missions of Borderlands 1, 2 and TPS again the past year, I came to the conclusion that not everything said, written, shown or done is canon.

Things in a cutscene are the most canon. The dialog and mission items surrounding main quests usually are canon. But as you pointed out, sometimes they mention stuff that’s meta, like claptrap’s locker for example.

I think some some side quests and DLC aren’t necessarily considered canon. Or only some truth can be perceived from it. In fact, all of Borderlands does seem to be from the point of view of Marcus telling a story. A story that could indeed have hyperbole, exaggeration or half-truths.

So, the Lynchwood stuff, for example, considering that it was entirely optional in the game (even so much that you don’t ever even get sent there during the main story missions), I wonder if the events that took place there are canon or not.

I remember Gearbox saying that they regret killing off Nisha, so it’s canon.


Also. Regarding digitization vs teleportation and how fast travel stations can be different than a new_u and a catch-a-ride is this:

Our ideas about the possible science of teleportation typically involve creating a small wormhole at the start and destination and then passing matter from one point in space to the other through that wormhole. So, in that theory the matter would never be destroyed or created, just… moved. Fast travel stations do appear to be canon, the way they are used in Borderlands 1 and TPS.

Catch-a-ride might be a different kind of tech. Sort of a 3d printer. The material probably still comes from somewhere. Perhaps raw materials from a trashyard that gets teleported and reassembled when you buy a vehicle. They seem to be canon based on how they are used in the stories.

I’m not providing a theory for new-u as the writer called it a game mechanic and not canon. Ok. I can’t help myself. IF it were canon, it would be a 3d printer from organic matter. I suppose there’s enough organic matter laying around. It seems a little “soylent green” creepy as to where that matter would come from. Perhaps it would take your dead body matter and add a little bit from “stock”. Maybe there would be some tech in your brain so it could copy your memories up to that moment. In any case, as discussed before, new-u can’t be real because the writer said so, and because it trivializes death.

The closest thing to a new-u that “might” be canon the game is when someone takes a dead guy and reanimates them. BL1’s claptrap revolution did this. BL1’s Knoxx DLC did it. BL2 did it with Bonehead (2.0). They usually aren’t themselves afterwards.

3D printing is probably the most basic example of additive manufacturing, coming soon to an industrial revolution near you. So yeah, the principles of digistructing are at least conceivable. Creating an entire human that way, though, is a different story. (Claptrap, maybe.) Tissue from organic raw materials may happen someday this way.

But, as was said, New-U is simply a mechanic, a needed fiction within the fiction to keep the game’s tone and fun level where they belong. As such, it has no place in any canon.

The wormhole method is the only way I’d ever step into a teleporter. Otherwise, being destroyed, and a copy of me assembled at the destination is death. The being at the other end may be a perfect recreation, sharing even all of my memories. But it isn’t me.

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They would be more like clones or children of yourself.