Try-Bolt or Ogre for splash damage?

Both seem interesting for keeping the grenades coming.

The ogre just doesnt work properly, if you do the math you should be able to regen everything back in a few seconds and it doesnt happen, its still good for regen procs but it seems not every hit counts or maybe it has a lower chance for some reason.

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6% chance is about right with those odds though… atleast you can fire the ogre almost infinitely

Yeah, there is for sure some wonky stuff going on with certain items in this game when it comes to splash/AOE and some of Mozes skills such as MoD.

Can’t out me finger on it but the math never seems to pan out properly.

i’ve been having a lot more luck with x8 fearmongers than i ever was with the ogre. i think this is partly because it actually deals significant damage compared to the ogre so i don’t feel like i’m as reliant on grenades, and using grenades and the fearmonger together keeps both topped up very well. there’s also the fact that an x8 fearmonger has 16 chances to proc per 3 ammo (8 on pellet contact, 8 on deto, and yes i tested the pellet contact for MoD proc on the jack dummy, they do count as splash), whereas the ogre is always 1:1. so even though the ogre gets more shots off in the same time frame, the fearmonger is getting off almost twice the proc chances if you’re aiming correctly. the mags are smaller for sure, but hyperion shotguns are capable of some pretty impressive mag sizes with the right parts, and the fearmonger has the full parts regiment available to it. i was able to get one in each element over the event which is pretty lucky i guess, but i’m very happy with them.

So, I use the ogre for sustain and micro grenades, then spam a homing mirv. On my Moze not only does this seem to do significant damage, the sheer number of grenades that are consistently hitting targets seems to keep my HP topped.

But what’s this deal with the tri-bolt? I have literally never seen it work on mayhem 4 and ive tried half a dozen times.

I don’t think the try-bolt really ever worked on m3 before m4 came out.

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