Tryeen Siren Discussion (contains Spoiler)

I believe Tyreen was the Seventh Siren. I think Nyriad was possible the seventh, she imprisoned herself knowing the universe was better off without the leach. until Tyreen appeared people thought there were only six. with Tyreen appearing with the leaches power that introduced a 7th. Lillith was 1, then steele was 2 (do not know what happened to her powers, but all other know sirens already had theirs when she died), angel made 3 (powers transfered to Tanis), Maya made 4 (powers transfered to Aya, Amara makes 5, the sixth has not yet been revealed, Tyreen is most likely the 7th. Trou is not a true siren. He is an accident caused by being linked to Tyreen and his power is a varient of Tyreens that only affects other sirens. Most likely they are already looking at making Borderlands 4. they have confirmed that 3 is not the war. The watcher says they are going to need all the vault hunters they can get. Possibly a new siren with either steele’s, tyreen’s or a new set will appear in the 4th.

Phaseshift–> Angel/Tannis
Leech–>Emo Twins
Steele–> unknown

I don´t believe Lilith is dead, so there are 2 free siren powers atm. Steeles and Emo power.
If you go after powers, she is the fifth siren. There is still steeles unknown power as the 6th power to be revealed.

This has been extensively discussed here, which seems to be the main siren lore thread:

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PhaseTrance for Amara

I’ll never not refer to them as this from now on.

I don’t believe that the leech is the seventh Siren, simply because Nyriad (the oldest carrier/host of that Siren that we know of) existed during a time of six Sirens, where she was one of the six. Whatever she’s referring to, whether it’s a seventh Siren or something else we don’t know about yet or have missed, I don’t think it’s the Phaseleech power. This is probably the biggest mystery in the Borderlands universe right now.

If there’s one thing the Borderlands creators have been consistent about, it’s being cryptic. This universe could be adapted as a series of novels or a TV show, and I really wish it was both.

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Sorry I thought i had the tag, my mistake. Second this is only a theory based on the story so far. Tanis gained Angels powers after her death. Tanis was already and adult. Six differnet sirens have been revealed so far. If you look at some of the story it says that only six sirens have been known of at the same time. Tyreen’s powers were not known. There fore she can not be included in the six rule. And where does Nyriad say there was only six during her time i missed that statement.

This “6 Siren max” statement is from BL2 from jack when he says “There can be only 6 sirens at the same time in the galaxy, and i already know of 3”. He was speaking about maya, lilith and angel back then.

Typhoons wife leda was also a siren. I think, somehow leda got those leech powers that where sealed away by nyriad. And with those powers, she also got the knowledge about nekrotafeyo. Atleast it plays well together with the typhoon-log, where “leda looked at the sky and mumbled nekrotafeyo.”

At tyreens and troys birth leda died and passed down the powers to them. Then cut them into 2 halfs and tada, 2 sirens. lol

All speculation tho.

I think there’s some conceptual misconception going on… Siren powers are not like clothes… they are not passed on or picked up.

The siren powers are like constants, or guaranteed facets of reality like physical laws or axioms in the Borderlands lore.

The people don’t inherent the powers in the traditional genetic sense. It’s more like the powers posess people in order to manifest.

We quantize the individual siren powers by what abilities and attributes they impart to the posessed woman. But it seems possible that the powers could have a form of sentience. In fact it seems like the best possible mechanism to explain the incongruous circumstances of transference so far.

Again how would Jack know of the leech. The one thing everyone is forgetting is it was sealed away. Everyone’s knowledged in game would be of the powers that are loose in the universe. The leech did not get loose until Tyreen leaves nekrotafeyo. So by that reasoning all counts of the sirens would not have included the Leech. Seeing as the people stating there are only six would not have know it existed. Leda was not a siren. Tyreen was born a siren as she was born in the vault were the leech was sealed. If Leda had been a siren Tyreen could not have had the power as it passes only when the previous siren dies. So how could Tyreen kill her mother with the Leech power and her brother be a variant of it if their mother had possessed it. Again this is just a theory, until Borderlands releasing more information it is just fun to think about it.

Though my theories prove wrong more often than not. I just enjoy the discussion. It will be fun to see in the future what they have for us. I hope they continue making this games for a long time.

Where doe it say this?

Sorry i relistened to the part that Typhon talks about him and Leda seeing the twin’s tattoos, he only said they had to keep it secret, not about Tyreen’s ability being unknown.