Trying For a Certain Lootpack Skin or Taunt? Then the Core Pack Will Haunt Your Nightmares! Yay!

It took about 10 of the new Core Packs to highlight just how insanely bad it is now that faction packs can no longer be purchased when hunting for a Skin or Taunt, in my case Beatrix’ Skins and Taunts.

2500 credits to wade through a random pool across all 5 factions with a lower drop chance? Compare that to the previous 1900 credits, constrained to 1 faction, and with a higher drop rate! Oh what a lovely little gachapon we’ve constructed!

Gee, this wouldn’t be related to the newly sold “Loot Boosters” in the cash shop, would it? I mean, reducing the effectiveness of in-game content acquisition, i.e. farming, timed with the sale of items to ease that farming through the cash shop, that’s only for those “other” game companies, right?

Gross GBX…

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I spammed LLC packs in the dying light attempting to get spin to win for Phoebe.

Guess I’ll keep spinning.

That’s what commander faction packs are for


I know what you mean.

I saved 100 Jennerit Packs because that was the max and no more could be saved. And even with all of those I still don’t have them all…

So now it’s an even longer grind ahead, and a worse grind yet if you can’t score Commander Packs every run. Plus, now you’re limited to playing 1 faction, just to give you the chance for the skin or taunt you need, or facing a much worse off pool across all 5 factions just for the privilege of playing who you’d like each run.

So… cool…

My suggestion, get command packs from story ops. From my experience, they give a decent chance of giving skins and taunts. At least better than the old faction packs.

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This right here. I’ve been farming ops with Jennerit characters (Caldarius to be specific) looking for Voxis Core and Solar Sustainer max stats, so I’ve got pretty much all the skins and taunts from previous Jennerit characters (I just get a ton of credits now.)

Personally I think core packs make more sense as far as simplifying the game for new players. That said, basic faction packs might not be a bad idea for an “unlock” addition to the store once you get to a decent command rank.


Maybe adding them as rewards for completing online matches. A certain pack for a certain faction.

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That involves a longer grind though, because before you could grind credits and packs at the same time, now only packs because those in game credits are worth less for specific skins/taunts/faction legendaries. But don’t worry, they’ll have plenty of things for sale to lessen the grind…


This is why I made it my aim to get every skin and taunt for every character before the winter update launched. I also stacked up on jennerit packs ready for Beatrix and managed to get everything for her minus 1 skin. Darn it. :confounded: I plan just to farm ops with the Jennerit though and hope I get it out of a commander pack.

I got the Vagrant skin out of my level 20 Mellka commander pack and finally ended a quest I’ve been on for 420 hours: every Mellka skin and taunt in the game.

But then I remembered there are two skins to get now in the Mike OPs and promptly collapsed in grief. I am not enjoying it. :confused:

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Just hop into a game with someone who’s already done the 10 runs

Just one boring but very fast play through

You also get commander packs at lvl 16 for characters.
That being said, I’d MUCH rather have the faction loot packs still available as a lot of randoms I wind up playing with can’t handle anything close to 100 OPS. Even I have trouble with 100 OPS on Attikus atTR, so I barely bother with that one any more.

I got all of her skins before I unlocked her, and her last taunt soon after. But you got to play her with more health and a reasonable spread so it seems fair haha