Trying to build fl4k from the trailer

So thats the deal, im trying to recreate Fl4k from the trailer, im thinking about gamma burst, pet damage, gun damage bonuses, and jackobs only, going for a slowpaced sniper/pet build with some shotgun action for close combat, or revolvers, mostly to fit the playstyle of the trailer, i was thinking rakk attack first but the build doesnt help much in terms of fl4k’s own damage with guns.

This is what i was thinking, keep in mind i didnt play bl3 in at least 1 month so im missing any new items or mods that could be new to me, any help is apreciated.

The idea is to use gamma burst, and all kinetic or radiation jackobs variants:

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If you haven’t played in a bit you might not up to date on some of the new anointments. We have anointments on grenades and shields now that give 50% elemental damage on ASE - so action skills like rakk that give 100% uptime on this are very strong right now.

What gives you that OG trailer FL4K feeling is subjective, personally skag feels the most borderlands to me, so I would try either:

  • rakk FL4K with a red + blue spec like this. Use skag with Maggie, bekah, stagecoach, etc.
  • three-shot fade away FL4K with a focus on Jakobs snipers and overkill stacking (a bit like the deputy Amara builds that were the rage a few months ago). Nice build write-up here. Stagecoach is also fantastic with three shot fade

You could run gamma burst with all Jakobs as well but the way the element coverage works it is weaker against armor. Since both kinetic and radiation anointment have a penalty.

Unfortunately pet damage builds are not really a thing in the highest difficulty, although they should be workable up to like MH2 and 3 with modifiers that favor your pet. Red fang gamma burst is a great build for incorporating your pet but is not about pet damage.


Im really interested in that tree shot fade away build you posted, but im worried the pet is going to end up being useless, and thats the reason i left Moze, im no expert here but do you think i can tweak that build to make it work without the hunter skill tree involved, i very much wanted to avoid that one, its just too mainstream for me hehehe. I know its probably optimal but with a few tweaks i could get consistent gun damage increases and other utility perks to make up for that min max damage loss, or am i missing something ? Im basically saying im trying to swich to the fade away setup instead of gamma burst but keeping my skill tree almost the same.

I love theorycrafting and discussing builds and i get carried away trying to come up with new stuff, so please tell me if im being annoying, your comment was already very helpfull.

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Depends how your wanting to run it; what you considder pet being worthwhile, and what augments you would like for fade away… ive actually dabbled with it into my build with only using not my circus; heavily invested into blue tree with only enough points into red to unlock scorcher - green to cover lick the wounds and ttar, still able to have cooldown back before pets done with aggro 85% of the time. In my opinion its fully tweakable

I am not necessarily the best number cruncher but my feeling is that Hunter tree would come out ahead for that particular build because of critical hit damage. What blue tree offers in its skills is basically gun damage & damage, pet damage, and some healing/damage reduction. If you invest heavily in green you end up with enough healing and damage reduction already. Critical hit damage is like getting another multiplier involved - assuming you hit crits - while adding more damage & gun damage on top is not.

It’s true that Hunter is used in like all FL4K builds but Hunter is very good and has nice supporting class mods and stuff. You could probably play without a single point there if you wanted but gameplay-wise, I don’t think it would make the pet feel more incorporated or anything. If you want to make pet feel more involved you can run Not My Circus.

Also off topic but if you haven’t messed with Iron Bear since they buffed it you should. It’s still flawed in the sense that a ton of the augments suck (only the splash damage ones hold up to MH3 & 4 really) and Moze’s anointment design is very flawed. BUT it is probably the best summon in the game in terms of damage now

Yeah i tested my moze but its sad to see how easy it is to build for more damage and tankiness by just not using iron bear anyways, i know its viable now but outside of it you are just better in every way without much investment. So i wanted to go back to my idea of fl4k the pack leader/sniper

I believe its highly possible; n will be rootin for you, these meta builds - outside of cheesing gamma with the rakk charge - i hardly ever see the pet survive for more than 5 minutes

Adding bonus damage is another multiplier. It’s earlier in the formula, but FL4K get’s a sizable amount from the Master tree alone, about 80%-100% in a normal master spec.

Also, while I understand we’re talking within the context of Fade Away where you hit guaranteed crits, increasing any other type of damage (gun, bonus, splash) increases crit damage by the same amount.

@OP A typical Hunter-Stalker spec has Galactic Shadow for 15%, Big Game/MDG for and 13%, and a few points in Hunter’s Eye to round out the tree for 9% crit for around 40% crit. Master builds would have 40% bonus damage from Frenzy, 15% from skag+Barbaric Yawp, and 14% from pack tactics. for a total of about 80% bonus damage.

Assuming the Stalker tree is specced down to the Power Inside (which provides 50% bonus damage and 5% crit if you take Gunslinger Jabber) you have:
Hunter/Stalker- 50% +Interplanetary Stalker bonus damage, 45% crit
Master/Stalker- 130% bonus damage, 5%crit

You can shoot for the best of both worlds and go for this
You get the most powerful pet bonuses and a large amount of bonus damage. You don’t get much crit, but if you want your pet to be a damage dealer, this build with the Deadeye is the closest I’ve gotten so far.

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If you wanna make a sniper gammaburst build I found red/blue with a splash of green as opposed to capping out the hunter tree worked pretty well for me.

But how do you manage to survive ?

Red Fang invalidates almost anything the game can throw at you.


This is the most common question a fl4k main gets asked. For gammaburst use the redfang mod and keep some distance and you’re fine, for things like the raid I use the healing rift, use head count to get your skill up quickly and go again. Most other builds I just use an otto idol and stopgap to give survivability as rakk builds are a little glassy.

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