Trying to establish whether THC Rev2 v1.02 = ? v1.04

Bought the Handsome Collection new recently, and upon installing, it downloaded a 1.6 GB update to version 1.02 rather than the 10 GB update to 1.04. A Google search showed me several people who’ve experienced this, including some who’ve posted here, but no solutions.

However, I have noticed that the list of fixes on the update history screen on my PS4 shows the most recent from the official patch notes (from January 21, 2016). I also have the FOV slider in the game, which was added in version 1.03, and is included in the patch notes for October 29, 2015. And finally, the game shows on my PS4 home screen as “Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Rev2.”

So I’m wondering 1) if the October 2015 patch corresponds to version 1.03 and the January 2016 to 1.04; 2) if there’s a Rev1 of the package; and 3) if for some reason there are two different patch trees for the two versions with different version numbers.

I’d be interested in anyone else’s observations, or input from Gearbox developers or others in the know.

My understanding is that the patch numbers are not the same between the HC version of BL2 and the PS3 version, especially since the PS3 version was out (and had several updates) before the HC launched. So the 1…04 might be referring to the PS3/PC/360 patch and not the PS4/XB1 patch for the same general updates and fixes. There were some PS4-specific fixes in at least one of the updates (as there were for XB1).

As you noted, you seem to have the correct extra features, so you should be good to go.

Hi, VaultHunter101. Different patch numbers between different versions of the game over different console generations wouldn’t be a surprise. People pretty clearly seem to be talking about THC on PS4, though.

It does seem that I have the most current fixes. At this point, I’m looking for a definitive solution both for my own curiosity and to help others with this issue, as there isn’t any answer to be found online so far.


@JoeKGBX: Can you confirm the patch number for the latest version of Handsome Collection on PS4? Please and thank you!

This being the case, I wouldn’t worry about the number so much.


I also have this update issue.

My game is updated to the 1.02 version, while one of my friend has the 1.04 version.

Does anyone get a solution ?

Thanks !

I suggest you send in a ticket to the support folks, and ask them specifically if they know what your patch number should be showing. Relevant link is on this page: