Trying to farm Snowdrift Deathless artifact

I recently started playing Borderlands 3 and I can’t quite figure out how to farm the Snowdrift Deathless artifact.
The very few topics I find in forums talk about looking for the suffix or affix before the prefix… and I have no idea what that means on the game. Can anyone help me? Thx

So the snowdrift deathless is a deathless artifact with snowdrift as the prefix, meaning you’ll want to farm deathlesses until a snowdrift version drops with the passives you want.

Here’s a probably outdated chart from like last year

Thank you, man! I’m gonna try to buy it. Been trying alll day long to farm it and it seems a lot more rare than I thought

What? Don’t do it.

Are you after certain passives or just any Snowdrift Deathless?

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Umm, I want increased shield capacity, shield recharge and shield recharge delay. Are those passives? Sorry, just started playing

Those can be rolled as passives, but in the case of the Deathless they are also the primary effect. You cap your health to 1 and gain considerably improved shields in exchange.

Additionally to that, you can roll up to three passive effects which can be all kinds of buffs to your character, including but not limited to: Weapon specific damage buffs, damage type increases, max health, shield improvements, action skill cooldown, action skill damage, elemental resistances…

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I miss the event (loot the universe?) where specific gear types had a higher chance to drop on specific maps. Best way to farm mods and artifacts. Unfortunately I couldn’t play as much as I wanted at the time.

I’d love a permanent implementation of that.


Ohhhh alright. I learned the passives I’m looking for are actually corrosive damage, life regen and chance of irradiation (poor translation), then. Thanks!