Trying to figure out Nisha

Had finished my first playthrough with Claptrap, and loved it. Started a new playthrough with Nisha cause she seemed interesting, kinda like a Sal in a way. But she has me frustrated. I have been going down a lot. and killing the enemies becomes risky due to the timer going quicker.

I herd she is beast later on, but for now idk. I am working on going through her Fan the Hammer tree and adding a bit to her Riflewoman (so far just 2 so i could get health back).

What is a good build with those 2 trees? I just have points in Ruthless, some in Bottled Courage and then Bona Fide Grit in the other tree. Feel like i am not getting enough kills with her skill.

Was also hoping to see if there are good class mods for her. so far its just melee and some gun damage. nothing else that could help me right now.

Try swapping bottled courage for magnificent 6, put one point in order before anything and use a turtle shield and a jakobs pistol or shotgun

That’s how my nisha was with that many points and not much survived

EDIT: I mostly use six-shooter or cowgirl class mods

Couple questions:

What level are you?

What level enemies are you going down against?

What level is your current gear?

Nisha’s always gonna be a bit of a glass cannon without the L&O tree. If you want to put 5 points into the Law and Order skills, that should help her survivability a lot.

Also, the Celestial Lawbringer COM is really nice when you can find one. It’ll convert a percentage of damage done in Showdown into health. That, plus points in Bottled Courage, will give your health and shields a huge boost every 12 seconds or so.

Good luck!

At the time i had written this, I was a level 13. The enemies were around my level if not at least 3 levels higher. my gear was around 13, but i didnt have much.

Since then, i have respect my tree and got even better weapons that have come in handy. I’m still going down, but not as much as before.

I am running the slammer which has helped me at times in battle. I am also running a crapshooter class mod that is currently +22% critical and gives 3 points in Trick Shot and 2 points in Tombstone. I got few legendary guns that have been helping me during battle. One of them is the Min Min Launcher, which works wonders against shields, and the other is the torrent.

Still, the enemies are few levels ahead of my friend and I, but we are catching up. We are currently making our way towards the Vault.

If you’ve got a torrent for Nisha you shouldn’t have a lot of trouble.
FtH tree isn’t her best if you ask me. Supposedly it favors Jakobs guns, but the fire rate bonuses you get are pointless for Jakobs. Go for Hyperion pistols. Gunslinger is one of the worst value-for-skillpoints skill in the game, you use a lot of ammo and there is no regen (pickpocket is also kinda crap, most pistols reload quicker than the whip animation).
It’s still a good tree, but maybe not the best starting one.

Ive gotten my Nisha to 35 now, going with a full jakobs build focusing on ether Mag6 or Hells coming with me, I took her to the sentinel at lv24 with a party of 4 (mostly foreign so had some pretty bad lagg) everyone else was about lv25-26 but it was my Nisha and her lv18 Jakobs quad shotgun that did majority of the work, I could take his mask out in every form with a single showdown. Nisha is incredibly powerful if you set her up/use her right

For the lower levels I remember using snipers a lot. Sit back and pick them off with bonafide grit there to heal and increase the crit. Keep a good shotgun with you and at your level. cough(bullpup)

True grit. HP regen for every kill. Then go for any skill that directly boosts gun damage. That way, with a decent gun, you can kill enemies quickly, which means less damage to you, and more health regen. I also suggest adaptive shields. I don’t believe in health gating. You get a shield, you get resistance to elemental damage (and thus DOT), and you get more health.

In my experience, Riflewoman is a superior skill tree to Fan the Hammer on normal. Fan the Hammer is good if you have a really good Jackobs pistol. Especially since the capstone skill is only useful for pistols. With Tombstone on the Riflewoman tree, your rocket launchers can be scoring critical hits. And you’re not “limited” to pistols.

I regret not going down L&O first in hindsight. I am pretty durable at level 34 with [this][1]

[1]: I mostly shoot from the hip though. I suggest going down L&O until you get discipline and go from there.

I also have a celestial mod that heals me every showdown attempted, with bona fide grit topping me off if it doesn’t fully heal. that helps a lot :wink: I happened to be in a vending machine and i blew all my money on it, but it was worth it.