Trying to find a decent build for gaige - details inside

hey sry for misunderstanding you
i want Gaige to be the star ofcourse :smiley:

so is the build i posted work ? or i should change some skills there?
i just started my gaige now . so im taking it slowly it will take some time until i get to high level but i want to make sure i know what my build will be

It will work, it’s just personal preference on my part not to take either Buck Up or One Two Boom, and with the 1 point in Anarchy you’ll get some extra ‘oomph’ from your weapons- just be sure to not manually reload or your stacks will disappear…

oh so each time i reload manually with anarcy i lose the stacks ?
also if you say that Buck up or one two boom not worth it
which ones u will use instaed?

Correct- if you had Discord you could prevent the loss of your Anarchy stacks by reloading again, but w/o Discord if you reload prematurely you lose ALL your Anarchy stacks. The 1 point skills I like (which others may not- personal preference and all that) are The Stare, Shock and AAAAGGGGHHHH!!!, Upshot Robot, Explosive Clap, Robot Rampage, Discord and Rational Anarchist (the capstone skills in the BFF and LBT trees go w/o saying…).

i swaped the reload key to numpad 5 and managed to get 150 stacks
very fun and strong

i checked the skills u mentioned Buck up and One two three and ill swap them with something else .
right now i just killed flynt and im lvl 8 only so its gonna take some time to get better :smiley:
but i got 200 keys so i can get some decent starting weapons to work my way out

so let me understand correctly
the build i posted should work perfectly for OP8 but i need to swap the two skills u mentioned with something else - right ?

You don’t need to (as I said, personal preference and all that) but IMO One Two Boom is only useful if you shoot the orb- when you’re being swarmed by 6 rabid stalkers shooting a floating orb may be the last thing on your mind :smile: And as I said about Buck Up- roid shields are great on Gaige as DT gets the benefits of the shield as well with Sharing is Caring, but if DT is trying to restore your shields with Buck Up then it kind of negates the purpose of having a roid shield, which is the bonus melee damage when the shield is depleted (of course, you wouldn’t want to spec into Gaige’s shield skills with a roid shield anyway so…).

Ok thanks
just wanted to make sure that build i posted is viable and working

now i have to level up slowly ^^

so whats the best way to farm weapons ? i start doing so only when i reach UVHM right ?

I use this build

hey can you share more info about it
like is it op8 viable?
what is the weapons loadout and startegy

Idk whats op8 :frowning:
I use shotguns with low amo and fast reload to avoid reload and get fast anarchy, deathtrap do must of the killings while your bullets ricochet.

@MidnightNova made the Shocking Anarchist build, more Anarchy heavy than some of the other builds posted this far and the basis for mine.

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In Normal pretty much anything can work so long as you don’t get careless. In TVHM you might want to save some side missions for level 50 so that you can start UVHM with decent gear (relics and class mods tend to last the longest- most other gear, particularly weapons/shields, will need to be replaced frequently). In TVHM do the Marcus Saves Mercenary Day Headhunter pack at level 50 if you have it- the loot train can be farmed indefinitely and the gear on it will always be at your level.

Once you start UVHM get to Sanctuary then either start the Marcus Headhunter pack or your favorite dlc. The Marcus HH pack will always have on level gear on the loot train once you start UVHM (in TVHM the gear is locked to the level you first do it at, so if you do it at level 45 the loot on the train will always be level 45 even if you get to level 50). The reason you start the dlc is to get access to the unique weapons in them at the level you want- even if you want to save the weapons for level 72 you can at least get the missions before those out of the way, like getting to The Forest in the Tiny Tina dlc to farm the treants for Bees.

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i think im gonna follow hes build
one thing i dont like at all is Discord
i got use to not being able to reload but using Discrod seems annoying and hard to me

lets say u fight bunch of mobs and u want to reload so you do
but ur so focused on the fight that u forget to reload again and cancel the discord effect and u lose stacks

seems wierd mechanic to me :< unless im doing it wrong! :PPPP

It definitely takes some getting used to, but the stack decay from Discord isn’t all that fast, and the benefits of being able to bring accuracy back up coupled with the RoF buff and healing really shine in hectic situations.

I’m still learning to remember to use it, but it can be the difference between a close shave and hearing the Hyperion lady’s passive aggressive respawn chatter.

TL;DR play the way you like, but consider trying new things out from time to time :slight_smile:

Edit: if you have a bit of time I have a vid of me clearing Bandit Slaughter round 5, most of my healing comes from my Hail, but there’s a couple of times Discord gets me out of a tight spot (and apologies for any perceived self promotion, just meant to be an example)

this looks sick fun
is it Nova build?

Based off it, but I did a bit of reallocation to optimize for L Catalyst
I was experimenting with Buck Up when I recorded but my go to build is this

I’ve run it up to OP6 solo, but Nova thinks it should be good up to 8, with a little gear optimization. Blockade would be ideal but I’m more of a mobbing guy, eventually I’ll get around to bringing a raid toon up, I’m not skilled enough to raid effectively with Gaige.

Shock for Hail and Pimp, Slagga and Blockhead for flesh and NE ricochet Fibber for mixed or armor maps

Grenade - LB Stomfront but I was rocking a Chain Lightning for a long time with good results
Relic- Shock Bone
Shield - Antagonist
COM - L Anarchist up to around 100-150 then switch off to L Catalyst. Generally I’ll swap back to Anarchist and ride Discord with a Bee for tougher bosses like Leviathan.

Anarchy is a finicky beast, that vid had some bad instances of accuracy trouble with the Pimp but usually I can hit pretty consistently up to my max of 250 stacks.

sounds awesome
i really like your weapon s layout and skills.

cant wait to get back from work to keep.leveling ^^

someone herw mentioned that i should save some side missions and do them at lvl 50 so i can get decent gear for uvhm

do you know any spefic quests worth saving?

and what ahould i focus on first with the eridium?
like more smg ammo or shotguns ammo

What you save is your preference, but if it’s a farmable reward you’ll find it here bc @Chuck80 is a badass

As for the eridium, whatever you’re running out of ammo I guess?


My Gaige is something like this. Everything gets massacred at OP8, another L. Catalyst build and I love my Chaotic Evil Necromancer mod. (if you can get your hands on it)

kinda late but shouldnt be a problem:
This build is very complicated and probably the best combination of skills ever:

Ok, Ill stop with the trolls:

this is my shock build,
I use: antagonist, twister, fire kitten, grog, slag singularity grenade/quasar,thunderball fist, bone of the ancients, catalyst com

(btw I only play shock gaige)