Trying to find a ideal Shield and Grenade for my Moze

Full Demolition Woman, using a Transformer and Bloodletter/Deathless combo atm. Also a electric Hex with a 25% damage bonus to weapons on thrown grenade. But doesn’t Hex not fully benefit from some of Moze’s skills, right? I also like the Transformer cause it can stop some hits and shield damage cold.

“Beam” grenades like the Hex don’t trigger Vampyr; what you want is a grenade that hits multiple times. The legendary Epicenter is pretty good for this, but the go-to grenade for Mozes is a purple Atlas Tracker grenade with the ‘bouncy’ feature and at least one divider or mirv feature (Money Maddening Tracker, Cloning Maddening Tracker, Recurring Tracker, etc). You can farm vending machines for these and they are pretty cheap.

Fair enough. What about shield, or is Transformer a good but safe choice no matter what? I like using my Electric Hex for shield stripping, and also its 25% damage bonus for guns on throw anointment.

Transformer is a solid choice in almost any situation, especially the Takedown and 1 HP builds.

There are better options for stripping shields including Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair and the Pangolin bouncy coil grenade. My preferred shield strippers for the Takedown though are the Brainstormer (for mobbing and the Valks) and shock Cutsman (for Wotan).

I go with a Frontloader with Shock resistance. Avoid the projection part at all costs though.

Keep an eye out for Atlas grenades in vending machines, “Cloning Maddening Tracker” is a hot one to keep an eye out for but for the most part the ones that split into 2 or MIRV do just fine.

There’s no fuss with these nades, just straight splash damage that procs health and ammo regen mainly because of the amount of times they hit and the tracking built in naturally.

Also Transformer / Front Loader / Boom Blaster are great for Moze.

For boss’s Bangstick, craps, cutsman,

Fighting groups of adds brainstormer is king.

Boom Blaster is tempting, but even with the Bloodletter/Deathless combo, doesn’t it still come up short on overall shield amount, or does being able to auto pickup the drops make up for it?

If you can get it over 20k shield health between the Deathless artifact and whatever points you put into the Thin Red Line, then yes – the boosters drop frequently enough to keep you topped up.

Gonna try a Rico shield for a bit as well. Have basically no points in the SOR tree, barring one for the bubble shield. So I only have 1 point from the CM in TRL.

I’m gonna chime in and say the double downer. My go to shield for Moze. It’s so good I’ve considered doing a deathless blast master build with it.

Builds with <50% health always suffer from lack of health gate, but the double downer is high capacity and the extra ffyl time make it an awesome choice I think. I haven’t found a suitable deathless artifact I want to use yet, but I use the double downer to avoid relying on Vampyr/MoD.

Double Downer = no ffyl worries

Hey are you on ps4? I have level 53 transformers including 75% health and shields after exiting iron bear and level 53 cloning maddening tracker ogt. If you’re on ps4 add me, same name.

You’re on my friends list, I’m EricsonX. :slight_smile: Don’t suppose you have a transformer with ASE cryo damage for 10 seconds? I’m using a Vercuvian Ham with that anointment on my Amara, but I honestly like the Transformer more for defense purposes. But yes, that shield and grenade would go nicely for my Moze thank you.

Hello mate and thanks for taking the time to post. I am currently getting my backside handed to me every time that I reach Wotan (no drama getting to him) and last literally, seconds before I am back in the corridor of shame. May I ask, where do you get the double downer shield from, Thanks, Dave

After you complete the Handsome Jack DLC main storyline, you get can get a mission for it called Double Down.

You seem to advocate for the Double Down a lot, have you tried using it with a Grave Artifact to just be dead all the time with boosted damage and accuracy xD?


Tried no. Thought about… You know it haha.

I’m trying to get a good 53 deathless artifact as well. Just total embrace of ffyl.

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