Trying to find helpful people to farm the raid on Mayhem 4!

Hey guys! My PSN ID is Chrasilis, and I’m looking for people to farm the raid with! I also would not turn down god roll anointed equipment for Fl4k, including the raid and Handsome Jackpot class mods! LOL.

Either way, I prefer people with mics that are social, but all are welcome.:slight_smile: Thank you!

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When are you usually available to play?

My psn: UrCorruptWeClaim
I’m on at different crazy times (stationed in Japan)but I’m down to farm the raid and help get gear still looking for goodies for my Zane

I’m usually around from 6PM-6AM Pacific Time, depending on when I sleep. My lady and I keep similar sleeping schedules for the moment, so my hours are weird.

I definitely play during “odd” hours as far as the US is concerned, so we will probably be able to play quite often if you have the time! :slight_smile: I sent a friend request!