Trying to gauge interest in a possible PVP group on PC

So, as many of you know, the population on PC isn’t exactly healthy, and doesn’t show any signs of improving. PVP, in particular, may be considered completely dead.
For a while now, I’ve been thinking of ways to try to improve the PC PVP population. Holding ten mans, encouraging new players to ask veterans for help, directing people to more active “PVP-centric” Discord servers, etc. Recently, however, many veteran competitive PVPers have started to quit 10 mans, leaving one of the last avenues of PC PVP unattended.

So, with the obligatory introduction out of the way, I want to start a PC PVP organization.
Note, this is not a proposal for another competitive PVP league. The last one went horribly, and the community really isn’t healthy enough at the moment to try again.
Basically, my idea is to get every PC player who’s interested in PVP, gathered in one place. Veteran comp players, new players who haven’t tried it, and especially people who are just plain bored of Bots Battle.
These players would be divided into three or more “tiers”. I’m sure some people won’t like giving an honest assessment of their skills, but this is the only way to get fair games. Anyone who’s ever played PVP on any system knows how hard it is to enjoy this game when there’s a large difference in skill between the teams.

As of right now, I have almost no specifics, such as rules, how many tiers there will be, or even where this group will meet, and this is nothing more than a concept. I’ll be posting this on both the Battleborn Subreddit and the official forums, so please, tell me what you think. I especially want to hear from PC players who have thought about playing PVP, but for whatever reason, have not yet tried.


Breaking Character…

The idea of tiers has been discussed before, and it has always been deemed non-viable due to player population issues.

I do like the idea of a PVP group on PC, but perhaps the focus, at least initially, should shift to how many people are still playing/would be willing to play PVP on PC, and what times they are available.

If we can nail down two or three times a week when the PC population would be relatively high, we can bring a majority of PC players on all at the same time, drastically reducing the wait time, and let the communities know that these are the times when people will actually be playing instead of endless lobbying.

It would also be nice to nail down a specific game mode, like incursion on Sunday, Meltdown Mondays, Bots Battle Thursdays, etc. (Avoid Tuesday due to Steam maintenance).

If we build a healthy enough population in this way first, we can then start to build tiers if the community deems it necessary, although I’d recommend tiers be determined not by the players themselves, but by a third party panel of judges that watches the matches in spectator mode and determines tiers based on overall skill. Individuals are not unbiased when it comes to self-assessment.

It would also be nice to “opt in” or “opt out” of tiers.
For those who are interested in more competitive play, they could opt in and have their tiers determined. For those who are not interested, they could “opt out” and play with randoms.


Benedict_87 - Most available Mondays after 6 PM and Tuesdays after 6 PM. Generally available most other evenings between 7 and 10.

Start by tallying the most common times, you could then announce that a majority will be on at those times playing a certain game mode and see how it goes.

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Hi there panda

The issue is not making tiers per rank, the issue is partying up for PVP and PVE in general.

Steam Group and links to the official Battleborn Discord and things like Weekend Warrior Looking for Group events plus Training newbies is needed, which can be done in PVe and PVP.

I propose that we the community help the game and try to promote it to new players and guides for new players, and it might have a comeback that motivates the devs back tot he game.