Trying to get all the trophies

Can someone help powerlevel me, trying to get all the trophies on ps4 and need my character to be 72. Ps4 commando

Why do you need your character at 72? The highest trophy for levels is 50.

Its a different trophey need where i have to be in zeros thing for 10 secs

Just spec down the right tree, because that gives you the extension per kill, go into a weak enemy area and go to town! I think I did this one around level 30 or so, though if you were 72 it would be a breeze as well. You could even join a very low level persons game and make it even easier for you. Just a suggestion. If I had a PS4 I’d help you.

I’m always down to trophy hunt. I have all of 2’s trophies but I’ll still help and I still need a couple on pre sequel, so I’m down for that as well. Psn is under the username