Trying to get norfleet please help sqd 11 kenpachi gt

Been grinding for a while can’t get it to drop please help

What level u after i have op8

Wanted one for a lvl 72 gaige and op 6 axton so I’ll take wat ever. Grinding is getting old lol I appreciate wat ever honestly

I only have the op8 1s bro think a friend has some 72s

I mean I’ll be able to use it eventually if you are okay with trading it

Wats your gt?


Are you on now?

Still looking for some norfleets? I’m a 72 Zer0 and need some people to farm Vermi, wanna join?

What’s your GT

Hyperious I find is a better quicker option, had a few 72lvls drop. Let me know if you wanna farm him.
Gt: ScaryCartoons (xb1)

I would farm Hyperius solo because I’m Zer0 but I want some skins from Vermivorous too. I’ll message you if you still wanna farm Vermivorous :slight_smile:

zapidy zapper
Message me, I’ll be on Sunday