Trying to get out of DPUH... What to replace it with?

For starter, this thread isn’t about changing my build, I know there are points in there that people would put elsewhere (shock and Aghhh for example) but I placed them this way because sometimes the fun factor can be as important as DPS.

With that out of the way, yeah the thread is really to ask for tips on what weapon to use with my build to replace using the cheesy DPUH. Currently lvl 65 my build is this one, and I’ll go on placing points in LBT until I reach it’s capstone at 72.

The general gameplay so far is Florentine to slag/shock and DPUH to finish the enemy. Using Legendary Mechromancer and the build is also made to support occasional swaps to Legendary Catalyst or Slayer of Terra. My favorite shield to use is Deadly Bloom, but I can swap to a Black Hole depending on what I have available at the lvl I play. At 72 though it’ll be Deadly Bloom : it’s always been my favorite Gaige/SiC shield. I also swap between Magic Missile and Lightning Bolt, though maybe I’ll try finding a Chain lightning later for burst heals with a Rubi, though for now I don’t use it and heal only with CuT.

Also a little limiting factor is, while my Krieg can get Seraph Crystals consistently by sploding Pete, I don’t have “access” to what only drops from other raid bosses.
And it has to be a NON-SMG since I also use the Florentine and it eats ammo a lot.

So far I’ve been considering those 2 to replace the DPUH :

  • Stalker
  • Trickshot Maggie

Note : doesn’t have to be especially a pistol, it can also be a shotgun or an AR, maybe a Seraphim ?

What weapon (I probably overlooked) would you guys suggest ?

Try the Fibber with the riccochet barrel. Gaige is a beast with it. You can also try using Jakobs shotguns, which are a lot of fun. The Twister is probably the best one but it’s hard to get without trading.

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I keep hearing about this gun a lot, I don’t remember much of it… Except it should be from a quest by a loader in the same zone that King Mong is. As far as I remember it can come in several versions that totally behave differently right ?

Edit : i’ve been looking at the variants on the Wiki and they all have a Bandit barrel, is it this one ?

Yeah I tried to get a Twister the other day. The problem isn’t so much killing the guy (I think…) but more to spawn him. I tried for a few hours the other day : never seen him, I abandonned… Apart from this one specifically that I’d love to get, I don’t like Jakobs shotguns that much, I prefer Hyperion’s or Bandit’s.
I may try to replace the DPUH with a fire or corrosive Conference Call or Butcher, if I can find one of those though…

Here’s a link to the detailed information about the Fibber types.

I’d suggest farming the minecraft area for a Blockhead, as that should work well for Gaige. Plus, it’s a really fun shotgun to use! There’s more in the “Top Gear for Gaige” thread, but that’s the one that stands out for me.


Ha thanks a lot ! :blush:

So looking at this thread you linked, it’s the 3rd barrel I should be trying to get right ?

Bah, rub salt on the wound :cold_sweat: : In two years I’ve been playing the game I never ever got one. I’ve tried and tried, never seen it. Oh well maybe I should try some more :blush: : thanks for the tip.

There’s so many weapons to choose from that would be great replacements

There are so many stars in the sky…

You could always pick up a Heartbreaker if you haven’t done that mission already. It would mean resetting UVHM if you wanted another one at a higher level later on, though. I’ve also gotten some really nice shotguns from farming the Handsome Sorcorer, particularly the purple gemstone variants. For a grenade, don’t forget the Quasar as an option - I got one from Spycho and another one from a LLM.

If you’re on 360 and want to do some farming some time, let me know - my mechro is about the same level as yours, and I’m looking to get her to 72.

Edit to add that getting to the Minecraft area is relatively quick, so it’s not that bad of a farm. You do tend to get more heads and skins than guns, though.

Well the Heartbreaker I’ll be using most probably on Maya for her binder’s build so I’d like something different on Gaige for variety. Also a reason I’m trying to get out of DPUH : variety…

I’m on PC/Steam.

Yeah I’ll try that :blush: ! I always wanted to have one, at least for the collection ha ha…

Well you’ll now be known as my lucky charm :blush: I just did a “few” runs on Zer0 because he’s the lowest lvl of my main characters :

YAY :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: my very first in 2 years of BL2 play…



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Did lots more runs and got a second one, a fire one again but hey then both Gaige and Maya will have their own ha ha :blush: :

I must have tried to get one at a time where the loot tables where in a really sad state. I swear i got enough Longbows at the time to build a cathedral, and enough skins and heads to build a bridge to fill the gap between the earth and the moon…
I mean I did lots of runs at the time to get the skins and heads, thinking i’d get a Blockhead, at least one : but none, zilch, nada…

Oh well : better late than never…

The Blockhead is always fire, but it is a fun shotgun to use.

Now that would explain :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: !

I always recomend the Jolly Roger as a solid shotgun because its a quest reward and can come in all elements, has good damage and pellet count. But the best ones are, without a doubt, the Twister and the Blockhead. I also use a corrosive Conference Call against loaders.

About the Stalker, I personally use a the Stinger and I like it.
For nova spam, I prefer the Flame of the Firehawk. You can make a good use of roid shields too with SiC and MiS

Unpopular oppinion coming up:

Sure, you’ll need to handle it like a AR but atleast it doesn’t suffer from minus 20% crit damage. That and despite the sway when using the sights at high stacks, it’s spread remains rather tame.

When it comes to shotguns, if you don’t liek the Twister, try finding a Jakobs Quad with the Doc’s prefix.

Actually, I like the Emperor, but I’ve only ever found them on normal or true levels so far. Those assassins are going to take a beating, right after I’m done with Bunker!

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Honestly didn’t expect more people liking it.
I still remember not liking it because of its lower firerate and it still gets overlooked by the majority of people but it did grew on me last year when I found one on OP8.

Bit of a shame that mine is Stopping instead of Flying but it is a good alternative to the Bekah.

Had a couple of corrosive ones that were absolutely devastating during the Thousand Cuts missions - excellent for taking out Buzzards and Surveyors because of the burst fire mechanic when ADS. On a par with the Teapot and Hornet in that respect, at least on normal & true modes. Not sure how it would work with a full-on anarchy build though?

Slightly more accurate than a Bekah at 250 stacks, but alot more sway when using the sight.
Offcourse, it does depend on the parts, but a matching stock really helps.