Trying to get out of DPUH... What to replace it with?

Ha yeah the Jolly Roger, I just looked it up on the Wiki and it’s a Bandit (I love the looks of Bandit Shotguns :blush:) with a really nice skin. I’ll get one, will try to get a corrosive since the Blockhead is fire.

As I said in the OP, everything that involves raid bosses is out of question for me, well except my Krieg can bloodsplode Pete so I have access to Seraph Crystals, but that’s it.

Dunnow, I tried that gun since I found one at lower levels and I liked it while it was useful.

It’s the other way around in fact :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’d love to get a Twister, but I don’t have the patience to spawn the guy with the unpronounceable name, and I don’t like Jakobs Shotguns most of the time.

I use one on OP8 when I want to take a rest from the Bekah. Surprisingly competent.

Derp, my bad. Haha.

There’s one Seraph item I can recommend without having to kill Vora:
Lead Storm.

At has a sweet spot, and it cna drain ammo just as fast as the Shredi but it is a pretty devastating rifle when you’ve learned to handle it.

And don’t gett me started on the Pimpernel.

:flushed: : Wut ??? (EDIT : wait you meant “it” right ?)

My Zer0 uses it, but not Gaige…

Sweet spot = ideal range.

One of the few sniper rifles I can recommend for her.

I got an OP8 Double penetrating Devastator from Gee today. I really like it. If you go for a Florentine, go with the Lucid prefix for bonus stability.