Trying to get the Redistributor

I solo’d Wotan 6 times today on M2, and the weapon drops are trash. I try to find a multiplayer game at M4 and there is none. am I just screwed?

Did you break wotan’s leg too? There’s like an extra legendary in each leg. Also, 6 times isn’t really enough but I understand it’s a pain to get to him.


I have over 40 kills on him at M4 and have seen 1 that was non annointed. 0 Kyb’s either… And i always break the legs. Have gotten some really nice world drops from him though since he is a loot pinata for those. Using a maggie with accuracy and crit damage annointment with barrier and it shreds, got a few really nice recursions too.

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The legs are only world drops so that’s not going to help them get a Redistributor.


Tonight i managed 1 Redistributor and 2 Kyb’s. None of them good rolls or anointments but i finally got some to drop after another 20 runs

legs do have a chance to drop dedicated items aswell, it’s happened to me a few times.

I came across one yesterday. Thought it’s M4 only item but a little confused. So is there anything tied to Wotan and M4 that cannot be gotten anywhere else? or is all the shiny gear can drop low Mayhem levels from him?

Wotan drops and 2nd mob drop - Zheitsev’s Eruption (raging titan), Good Juju (rampager), Crader’s EM-P5 (9000) M4 only, Tankman’s Shield (traunt athenas), Vosk’s Deathgrip (troy), S3RV-8OS-EXECUTE (traunt - footsteps of giants), Juliet’s Dazzle (aurelia), should drop M4 class mods but so low drop chance next to no one has ever seen them with over 100 kills, higher chane from 2nd loot source.

wotan only + 2 valk - tiggs boom, o.m shield (valk), snowshoe (valk), redistributor, kyb’s, moonfire

Is there any way I can just buy one? I have solo’d Wotan countless times, best thing I got was a Moonfire :frowning:

Besides other sources I hear about you kinda have the trades your only shot in getting it. Right now I have 2 and trying to collect more before the event ends

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Hi guys I’m having a hard time getting Kyos worth and restrebiotor - can some one send one my way PS4 - Inuyasha07 Thanks

I got my first Kyb’s on my first successful takedown. Lucky rng. I got the 2x Fire/Corrosive with 125% badass anoint


I’d really love to see you fight Wotan. Do you make vids? I’ve watched a few but the way you describe it sounds really cool to me.

No vids but if your on PC i can run a few with ya, Drae_gon is my tag. Send me a request.

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IMO, MT isn’t worth running. Unless you’re capable of doing 5 minute speed runs, it’s too much effort for too little reward. Even on M4, I wasn’t seeing Redis or anything else of note.

My recommendation is to trade for what you’re looking for, and save yourself a bunch of time and frustration.

I was lucky to get a corrosive (with that silly airborne anoint) my first time clearing. I never tried it before the scaling event and even now I haven’t used mayhem in it, although I probably could M4 while the scaling is on.

My problem is I died more times from falling off the map in the Valkyrie fight (3) than to Wotan (twice). Hoping to run it a few more times and get another Redistributor before the event ends.

What console do you play on? I have an Incendiary one I can part with. I know it’s not the best, but it can still melt with Amara and Zane well enough.

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Damn, I’m on Xbox. Would have loved to have seen it.

Ahhh, that brings back fond memories of my first 5 runs. I think I found every spot you can fall to your death. Welcome to the Takedown! :laughing:

I run an already high speed Spiritual Driver with a Victory Rush Elemental Projector. Kill a badass and the +18% movement speed kicks in and I struggle to keep it under control. I’ve taken the Valkyrie Nest death dive dozens of times.