Trying to get to level 72

Just completed UVHM only level 67 so just need help with raids, bosses, missions, anything to just help me get to level 72, any help would be appreciated add me or message me on Xbox, my GT: iStanoo

Your best bet is to find someone who can run you thru the Bar Room Brawl Tier 3 Rematch at OP8, preferably a Mecromancer who can Shamfleet or Shamneaa. Good Luck!

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Okay cheers for the advice

If you’re still looking, I have an op8 Mechromancer, if you’re still online now I won’t mind power levelling you and getting you to op 5, after that I’ll need you to help me, like pick me up if I down. And then once you’re op 8, maybe you could do the same for my psycho.

I would definately be able to help you if you help me out. Im currently op4 with my siren. Get it to op8 and i would gladly help you with your psycho. Then mb another one of my characters and vise versa. Ill add you on live and send you a message.