Trying to make a caster caldarius (skill damage based)

So I am really starting to get fond of caldarius. So far I have favored the infinitely moving, infinetly shooting into flash bang dash and ult. So I wanted to help improve the “caster” aspect of his playstyle by augmenting his skill damage. So I have a few questions:

Which skill damage legendary do you guys consider to be the best option for him?

What other gear(legend or otherwise) would go good with a caster build of caldarius?

Slightly off topic but still quite relevant… How do you guys configure your controllers so that way you can “bumper jump” i.e. What button do you swap around so you are allowed to continue sky jump and aim at the same time?

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I think cooldown, skill (Bola’s is considered the best these days it seems), and whatever else you for utility.

I haven’t put a whole lot of time into Caldi, so I can’t really offer much good advice there.

With regards to your “bumper jumper” question, I actually use the Xbox elite controller. I’m a huge fan of it.

I only have two of the four underside paddles attached (my brain and tight controller grip can’t handle the four paddles), but I have the left paddle mapped to sprint (because I hate pushing in L3 to sprint) and I have the right paddle mapped to jump. So my right hand middle finger is now my jump button which freely lets me keep my thumb on the right joystick to aim while jumping.

I realize that isn’t an option for everyone, but it’s something to consider if it’s in your budget!

His Legendary

Blade of Transfusion
+7.20% Attack Speed
+4.68% Skill Damage
Caldarius Only: Aerial Assault heals Caldarius for 50% of total damage dealt.

The Bola

Bola’s Target Finder
+9.10% Skill Damage
+5.04% Attack Speed
Damaging enemies with Skills increases damage dealt to them by +5.60% for 10 seconds.

And the Epic Jennerit Shards Generator

Amplifying Shard Extractor
+2.10 Bonus Shards per Second
+5.46% Skill Damage

It’sa good build for him based on Skill Damage and Attack Speed, 2 really great stat for him.

This is what i run with Caldy, except for the shards Generator, i use the quatermastery bin. Really powerfull on Caldy as you can easily grabs all crystals on maps.

Quartermastery Bin
+2.10 Bonus Shards per Second
+10.50% Shield Penetration
Share an additional 30% of shard income with teammates.

You have to know that it’s +30% per mates so +120%. It’s insane


I have caldys pore legend and I know a lot of people swear by it and it’s probably considered to be one of the better lore legendarys out there but I am not super interested in the passive.

Bola is definetly a solid option. Especially since if I take the triple flash bang at 4 the last 2 flashs not only reproc the passive but also deal more damage. May have to try it out. Atm I am using the codex fragment. The extra health and potentially really high skill damage seemed quite good.

Honestly though I am thinking of running a plain white wrench bolas and a shard generator. Am finding it somewhat difficult in the early game to progress(at least more so than el dragon or whisky) once I hit 5 I feel like a kill stealing beast