Trying to play through the game as Zane now, why does he have so many QOL issues?

I get that some of these were intentional design decisions but it’s annoying that you can’t recall the SENTL early for how long the cooldown is. Other than that though there’s…no way to instantly deploy the barrier to a personal one, the fact that the visibility when using the barrier is still very annoying (I don’t need a giant purple filter and this is AFTER a “fix”), the fact that the SENTL doesn’t go too far away from where Zane is standing and the fact that theres no way to see how many grenades he has available when having 2 action skills despite having 4 skills to use grenades in other ways.

Also swapping places with the clone is always very disorienting, I’m not sure how they could improve this one while still retaining all the utility of an instant swap though tbh.

It’s also annoying how activating his action skills, swapping places with the clone, and picking up or dropping the barrier all interrupt reloading. Idc if it ends up being a new skill, I would love to have one where doing any of those actions instantly reloads his currently equipped weapon.

I’ve put some decent time into the endgame as Amara, Moze and have FL4K at around the same level as Zane (early 20s).


He’s clumsy to play most of the time, no srgueing that.

I have gotten used to cloneswapping, though. I find it a reliable way to acquire targets.

Another thing to add to the list, though, the clone should totally take in account alternate firemodes when using Doubled Barrel. His utility would greatly increase.

I’ve also noticed the clone sometimes switches weapons when CCC is procced, this is hardly ever desirable.

It’s frustrating because a double agent hitman dude with teleporting and a digital clone should feel the exact opposite of clunky to play.

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I would like it if you always ended up facing the direction you originally are when swapping locations with the clone.

It’s fo sho annoying. After so many hours on Zane I still attempt to recall SENTL to no avail.

I can work around this. It’s the same with all the classes.

Why couldn’t they make it so that if you HOLD the button for the barrier, it will automatically be picked up.

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Idk, still hoping for a patch for it. Also not only is it an annoyance and wastes DPS but you also have about a half second during the pick up animation where you’re left vulnerable

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It also seems to be picky about when it can get picked up at the worst times for me. Is it like a line of sight thing? I’ve had numerous times where I was well inside the dome, but couldn’t pik up the barrier while my life depended on it, having to look at the projector to get the prompt to pick it up.

Also why did Moze get the shoot while sprinting skill instead of Amara or Zane?

And why is Amara’s new class mod just giving her Violent Momentum?

And why does Zane’s new class mod also give a boost for speedy shooting but only while sliding or while airborne which is extremely awkward to play

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I actually really hope they won’t change the way it works right now. I find facing the same way the clone was facing much better simply because you won’t ever “swap” with your back facing the enemies. By turning you the same direction your clone was facing, you end up most of the time aiming almost directly at someone which is much better for the flow of combat. You just have to get used to it (like most of Zane’s mechanics).


Finally why does his barrier disappear when he enters FFYL?


Zane’s new class mod for the dlc next week looks pretty awesome though. It gives a chance to trigger all his kill skills every time he deals damage.

As for quality of life issues, I’ve had a pretty good time leveling Zane. I suppose I’m probably biased in this case though - I play on PC (so the shield doesn’t really obstruct my vision - I’ve heard that’s different on other platforms) I have plenty of Guardian Ranks, and I’m used to playing on M4, so normal just feels like a cake walk.

That said, recalling SNTNL would be nice for builds that don’t get Cool, Calm and Collected, and I’m all for quality of life changes in general. Also, adding a counter to show the remaining grenades would be very nice for the builds that need them. Finally, the fact that the build(s) I went with played smoothly doesn’t mean that every Zane build does, so its always good to bring attention to these kinds of QoL issues.


I don’t think Zane is hard or bad while leveling fwiw, I just think he’s clunky and has QOL issues which some of the past games even fixed.

Like Wolf and Deathtrap all have much larger range than SENTL.

Also the new class mod is neat but with death follows close and seeing red I’m not sure why you’d ever need that to be honest.

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Omg last point but is it true 3 of his 5 barrier augmentations don’t even apply when he has the shield picked up? What… why???

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cloneswapping has gotten sorta fun for me. like i swap and BAM BADASS IN MY FACE! POW POW POW. ok now where was i looking… ah here it is, resume normal procedures.

ok lets get another double barrel stack…

however i cannot express via the english language just how much i hate my skills canceling my reloads. i dont know how many times im like HOL UP lemme finish reloading… aight drop the barrier! oh cool looks like even tho i put bullets in my gun, i wasnt ACTUALLY reloaded. neato. i should be able to swap and reload -.-

even though his swap switch is in his left hand and i probably need 2 hands to reload… just trust me on this gearbox

The ability to recall SENTL would be awesome. To often it is just flying around after a gun fight that I thought would have a bunch more spawns. Then its on its longer cooldown. Not sure how they would put it in without conflicting with Almighty Ordnance.

As far as reloading it would be cool if using the action skills would skip the reload animation if you activate it after the mag/bullet etc is inserted. Like using melee did in the older Halo games. Thus giving you a small increased reload speed. Or they could just bump Cool Hand to 5-7% for each point so if you have Seein red the lost reload wont feel as bad.

Would be nice if Cold Bore could actually bore (with cryo only).

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I wish the clone showed up on the minimap as if they were another player