Trying to Report a cheater

This guy hanif keeps cheating by dc’ing before he died and then instantly reconnecting. He’s depriving teams of exp and abusing. I’m writing this post so maybe a dev or some type of admin can help deal with this problem. My ideas to fix this issue is to either kick players who do this more than 5 times in a match or suspending players who do this.


I confirm. I was in his team once, and he did that constantly.
I already reported him through the in-game report system (For Bad behaviour, or whatever it is called)

Someone (In my team) said he has been doing that for at least a month.

Edit: Added a screenshot.

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Ran into this guy several times now, he does this every time, without fault. Every single time. It’s getting rather old.

We have recorded him doing this and sent the videos to Support. Can’t remember what they replied, they’re probably thinking about how to address exploiters and cheaters still.
Not sure about naming and shaming but I would still encourage everyone to leave the lobby when they see this guy. He’ll rob you of a proper match.
Also to note; If you do manage to kill him, he’ll often just DC and not come back.

Some possible solutions we’ve thought of;

  1. Delay on DC (Still able to die during that delay)
  2. Only DC in base
  3. After disconnecting several times, reconnect times get longer and longer, in a similar sense to the death timer. First disconnect is no reconnect penalty, second one makes it five seconds (on top of the load times, of course) and so on until you reach the maximum 60 seconds.


Who the ■■■■ cares about K/D this much.

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Some people just need to feed their ego. I’m glad I haven’t run into this particular person yet, but I do report leavers if they don’t come back or if they haven’t said why they’re leaving before hand.

Pretty sure he does that to deny the kill (No exp for the enemy) and to avoid respawn time.

Also, the best solution is the Dota Solution:
If you get disconnected, your character turn into an AI who try to get back to base on his own. “You” can still be killed while the AI does that, which mean Respawn time and exp for the enemy.

I have reported him like 5 times. And he still plays everyday and still does this. I’m already seeing a trend with this behaviour. This week 3 different players did quit-rejoin combo.

I’ve reported him in every single match when he was against and with him. And I will continue until something is done.