Trying to reset GR or contact anyone who can do

I have stumbled on a really annoying problem where I have now this freeze everytime I gain XP. I accidentaly (didnt know at first, and after I found out, it was already too late) joined a lobby who was giving max level/gr in second. After the recent patch, every xp gain is instant freeze for like 10-15 seconds.

I dont think this is possible yet, but is there a way to reset my Guardian Rank back to 1? Or anyone I can contact with this? I really dont mind going back to GR 1, just want to play the game.

Well the GR are stored in profile.sav along with your BANK! and weapon skins(?) so if you don’t mind loosing the weapon skins (you can make mule character to off load bank).

Simply rename your profile.sav file & for the love of Crunk Bunnies TNT make a gosh darn backup of your ENTIRE save folder!!!

And how do you do that? aint farmiliar with renaming such files

Nvm, found it. thanks a bunch! i dont mind losing all those crap things

No prob, sadly I found the hard way when my bank got emptied and I noticed that GR was also affected.

Have fun in the wastelands